Purgatory in the human world, cultivate separately

Chesley 2022-07-05 13:05:49

The director's first color film has a relatively poor reputation. The main reason is that the color magnifies the dirty feeling of the characters, costumes and scenes, and there is no clear story. It is indeed completely different from the director's previous works. I didn't have high expectations at first, but after reading it, I found that I like it. First of all, this is not real life, but a microcosm of reality. All kinds of life states are here, like purgatory on earth. Everyone in the movie has a different background education, but the same is living in a place full of garbage and ruins. There are all kinds of people here, a boy who fantasizes about driving a tram every day, a father and son begging in ragged clothes, a man who lives alone who never said a word from beginning to end, an old man who is very smart, neat and gentle by hand. The housewife of Cai, the greasy middle-aged man who was alcoholic and disgusting, and the niece who was exploited by him. The niece's aunt came back from the hospital and came to deliver alcohol to this house. The two couples who often play husband and wife swaps, the doctor husband and a very domineering and rude wife. Everyone's life is not normal at all, they can't see the source of income at all, the day is repeated every day, their life is no different from the tram man, and it is even more destructive. Tram man is working seriously in fantasy, what are the others doing? The two husbands are drinking together, and the two wives are gorgeous every day. This is the nature of most people's lives, repeated all the time, meaningless. Secondly, there are three favorite characters. One is the old handmade man, who easily subdued the drunken man with a few words, helped the thief without leaving his name when he did good deeds, and explained the man who wanted to commit suicide, haha, I was very happy and moved when I watched this episode. The old man said that you can remember that they are happy because you are still alive. If you die, you won't feel this kind of happiness, it's like they died too. What does it mean to come to repentance? This is it. Have a patient dialogue with the tram man and help the beggar to bury the child. I don't know what kind of past this person has, but in this place he is a Bodhisattva. The second is the aunt, who scared away the lazy husband with a few words. The third is the dad who makes brushes. All the children are not his own. He is very loving and patient. He is better than a mother to the children. The youngest daughter is super cute. Finally, the status of women. Let's take a look at the situation of each family. The doctor cannot tolerate others saying that his wife is not good. He will always be grateful to his wife. The two workers' families are entirely in the hands of the woman, and the husband can change if he wants. Needless to say, my aunt's family, this wisdom and method are quiet, the niece is cowardly and bullied, and finally her violent side erupts. Look at the family without women, the one who lives alone and doesn't speak, I always thought he was invisible . The woman who came to him for forgiveness said that I felt like there was a beast in my body and I couldn't control myself. What's there to apologize for? Look at this man's virtue, it's enough to continue to suffer when it's hard to love. And look, you apologized, did he accept it? He continues to sink, does not forgive you, just wants you to continue to suffer. Forget about him, just live your own life. For the beggars, the father is addicted to building a house in his imagination every day, and the child needs to beg to support the family and listen to the father's various fantasies. Is this the life a child should live? The only one whose life is still normal is the old handmade man, so I think this is a purgatory setting. The old grandfather was that Bodhisattva, watching all kinds of people waiting to suffer and cultivate here, and he took the lead when he couldn't bear it. In addition, unless a man is completely strong enough to take care of his own life, leaving a woman is simply a plummet of social status and standard of living. The beginning and the end are all kinds of colorful tram paintings in the tram man's house. The tram is full of strange and colorful colors, just like everyone's life. There's no need to feel sorry for yourself, and there's no point in blaming other people's lives, everyone's tram will arrive sooner or later.

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