Failed Akira Kurosawa movie

Tamara 2022-07-05 15:58:55

3.0. It's not really a masterpiece by Akira Kurosawa. First of all, my personal understanding of this movie is: "The Tram Idiot" reflects the ugliness of people like a mirror. But most of the time, the protagonist is not there; it simply shows the lives of the people inside the ruins. There is also a title for the film, "Small Ruins Without Seasons"; this title is in line with the positioning of a group drama, but it feels a little strange. I don't know if I'm qualified to comment on Kurosawa's films; the box office was terrible and the artistry was a bit of a failure. The picture quality is very low definition; the translation feels okay, I haven't studied Japanese after all. The role of the male protagonist is pitiful in the film; therefore, the film fails very well with regard to the shaping of the characters. (Because there are fewer scenes, there is less room for shaping.) The Japanese low-level society in the film feels ugly and scary; the actors in the later stage wear heavy makeup and look like zombies. The relationship between the characters in the film is also chaotic, and I can't figure it out; it would be better if they were placed in a big family to further expose the contradictions and sadness in them (similar to Ba Jin's "The Torrent Trilogy").

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  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Husbands have to work hard enough outside. It's only natural they want their wives to be nice to them.

    Masuo Masuda: But my wife isn't like that. She's like a nail digging into a cavity in my tooth.

  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Women are really impossible.

    Masuo Masuda: Yeah.

    Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: They have too much free time. They enjoy turning a little thing into something huge.