"Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" - A Close Encounter of "Poetry Films"

Idella 2022-09-14 01:59:33

Godard said: "There was once a temple of cinema, where there was light, images and reality, and the owner of this temple was Paraganov." A world-class director who may be overlooked, his life has been bumpy and ups and downs, and his films are ups and downs like his fate, but "gold will shine wherever it goes". From 1964 to 2008, after dozens of years, this film is full of a kind of bewitching power like its title. After watching it, I suddenly feel that I have become a "forgotten" shadow. What I have forgotten is not my ancestors, but a kind of focus on being a human being.

Tarkovsky once fought for Sergey in his diary. The two of them were at the same time and influential Soviet directors. The tempering of the environment also broke out their desire for knowledge, truth, and love. , and the film has become their means of expression, and "poetry" has also become the symbol of their two works. Before I saw Sergey's work, I would have thought that Tarkovsky's films were the poetic films that moved me the most, but "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" changed everything. Not that Tarkovsky's films will be different in my mind from this moment on, it's totally impossible, it's my narrow knowledge and the world that's changed.

"Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors" is what I think is the best exotic film, the whole movie Sergey uses music and psychedelic footage to take me into a mysterious country, a harrowing love story. The Ukrainian nation is so unfamiliar to me, and every color, every object, every expression, and every song in the picture made me feel a sense of sadness that I was caught off guard, and the director used "death" to introduce it from the very beginning. The story that will take place in such a special environment is very natural. Along with the pale snow and the messy dry woods, I will unconsciously have a bad premonition in my heart. A tragic movie can make me feel so deadly in the first few minutes, and for that alone, I can put this on my list of all-time favorites.

Ivan is the protagonist of the film. He originally had a happy family, but in order to save him, his brother died one minute after the opening, and his father died at the hands of a man for dignity. "Death" is noisy in it, because when it doesn't appear, any religious songs, any love words praising Jesus will become born for Satan, and the beauty of the blood horse at that moment makes me stunned. It's just a few seconds. I have to applaud Sergey. In the early 1960s, we were able to use such a shooting method to use images to represent people's language, people's mood, and people's soul. Can we ignore the many novel ways in this film? Laying the groundwork for future films? Also when expressing the poignant love between Ivan and Madarika, the daughter of the murderer, how wonderful is the spinning and addicting shot, I really want us to hide in the thick woods, through the branches The forked gap verifies the love between the two young people. This hidden shot also means that the love between them is also hidden and unacceptable. "Death" appeared again, this time he took Matarika's life, and the red light appeared in the camera again, this time with Ivan's terrified expression, one, two, three, four seconds, a short time interruption The word "sorrow" was inserted into our eyes long ago and transplanted into our brains, and it could not be calmed down for a long time. And when Hongyan's "death" appeared for the third and last time, it meant the end of Ivan's life. This time, it made everything go to Hong and to Satan's blood. In Ivan's world, everything was peaceful Now, the camera keeps spinning, slowly spinning into my sight with Ivan's helpless and distressed expression, I seem to be looking at a crimson visual trap, the more it spins, the deeper it goes, if it lasts a little longer, I believe my tears will flow down.

In this film, the bright red corresponds to the empty black and white, but when Ivan lost Madarika, I really wanted any disaster to fall on this lost man. The director used black and white shots to accompany many voiceovers to express Ivan's downfall and loneliness. This black and white film is one of the clips I admire the most. I think, if the picture is in color, and it is silent and speechless, even if Ivan behaves well No matter how miserable it is, there will be no deeper ideological conflict on my side, but in fact, Sergey did it, which may be related to his own rich and profound literary skills. "Poeticization" makes this film from the beginning to the end. The tail is thickly covered in the word "beauty".

The symbolism of things is also one of the things I remember about this film. Someone once said that to appreciate a movie, you must learn to think in it, not just watch it. Any picture or item in it is likely to represent the director's thinking space. In this film, there are so many things worth thinking about. To be honest, I still don’t know the history behind this film. Therefore, I can tell myself that I haven’t understood this film yet. , Now I am only temporarily intoxicated by this beautiful picture. In that puzzling marriage, did Ivan's wife really fall in love with the wizard or was she enchanted? Or is it that Matarika, the deceased person, has long since become a major devastation to the marriage? But I only know that Ivan died not because of his wife, but because of his forgotten heart, which was a compulsive behavior. The focus of being a person is actually a kind of practical and cherishing of myself. I know that I have "forgotten" something, and I am also forced to. When will my own "aesthetic revolution" be reformed? ?

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