The will of man, which is very different, is related to the issue of doctrine

Elias 2022-09-08 08:15:49

It's quite okay, the communists share wives, wives and husbands, and they go home alone and can't find a home. That pair of beggars is a typical beggar who tortured himself to death with his thoughts, followed by the single man who tortured himself with his thoughts but didn't torture himself to death. , just lost the shape of a human, the old man is very wise, the typical Japanese philosophy of the young man and the girl, the epilepsy patient is the old-fashioned traditional wise man, the fat man is so simple, his daughter-in-law I will treat her as a tool!
In the world of existence, is there still less trouble for people who think because of thinking?
From this point of view:
Xiaoliu is the happiest
old man, the wisest , the
wisest, the most sensible , the
beggar, the most pitiful, the typical one who tortured himself to death
with his thoughts, second only to a single man, not only tortured himself with his thoughts, but also stupid
that the owner of the clothing store has 2 children , wife, and two concubines, the people who begged to die are equally stupid,
but I think the happiest, living like individuals, are those two communist families, sharing wives and husbands, they really don't know what their home is Which (a woman knows)
person, don't torture yourself at any time, no matter what kind of thinking it is, it is a kind of stupidity. Stupidity is an individual's will, can an individual overcome it?

when everything, value, and everything that people pursue, is gone, isn't it a good choice to die? At least, I am still an individual.

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