The loneliness of death——On Sergei Parajanov's poem film "Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors"

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The loneliness of death
——On Sergei Parajanov's poem film "Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors"

"Poetry film is a film creation proposition with the main purpose of negating plot, exploring metaphor and lyrical function. The film form that emerges from the understanding of the lyrical nature of film.” After a superficial understanding of the film’s proposition of poetry film, we can trace back to the overall image text of Parajanov’s film, and the strong emotional color contained in his work has gained a kind of Conceptual addition. Although his steps are still slow, he can see the magnificent "palace" behind it, and the poetic movie world of "it is a white land is really clean".
As the main carrier of the figurative presentation of films, audio-visual communication bears the creator's external imagination of things or ideas. In Parajanov's films, this feature is fully magnified and highlighted. He no longer relies on narrative. The overall logic promotes the creator's concept, and the image and sound become the real main body of the film's performance. Under this unique presentation, the audience has a stronger and active aesthetic drive, and needs to gain insight into the author's inherent creative theme in the film through "the greatest freedom of association". In the film "Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors", our external force into the film comes from the white snow, the intricate coniferous forest, the dilapidated but holy church, the people in rags, The frequent mourning processions, the ever-present psychedelic music and the unfamiliar Ukrainian language. The combination of these details completes the construction of an external world environment. He expands the audience's imagination and completes a distant gaze of external forces to this strange country of Ukraine. This design further allows the audience to gain insight into the tragic hidden behind these constructions in the details, making an objective and calm footnote to the tragic life of the character Ivan.
The word poetry film does not refer to the narrow concept of romance, but more to the unity of consciousness conveyed by the creator's feelings. He contains sympathy, sadness, loneliness, and even criticism, giving people a sense of beauty or strong lyricism. It seems to have an artistic conception that gives people a sense of beauty as expressed in the poem. In Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors, the imagery of death runs through from beginning to end. As the protagonist of the film, Ivan attends his brother's funeral at the beginning of the film, while his father died in a duel with others for his dignity, and his beloved also died in an accidental but inevitable disaster. At the end of the film, Ivan is the last trace of the whole family. The bloodline died alone. The pain and loneliness of death permeates the entire film. At the same time, red and black and white, which participate in emotional expression as colors, are more strongly externalized for the emotional expression of the film. The redness of Ivan's wandering soul before he was about to die was mixed with Ivan's unwilling and painful expression, a kind of fiery and sadness that was about to dissipate and disintegrate from the movie screen and broke into the eyes of the audience, and at the same time disintegrated tears. coagulate. And the chilling black and white, especially when Ivan loves death, that touch of black and white allows the audience to see the heart of this lonely man, completely conveying a sense of misery and sadness of the absurd fate. And this is the charm of Parajanov. He penetrates into the heart of people, and uses a "poetic" creative method to spread the beauty of tragedy from the inside out to every audience who carefully observes him.
Ivan left this world in a tragic gesture, that white, cold and lonely world, accompanied by death like a shadow. Like dust, Ivan has been forgotten by mankind in the long river of history, or he has never been remembered. In that desolate and cold Ukrainian country, "the naked come and go" has many concerns. Life is lonely, like a lonely star, and when he arrives, he is also betrayed by his wife. It seems that he has never had the value of being remembered. However, in the complicated changes in history, their sorrows and joys, such as you and me, are constantly forgotten, but they continue to cast a heavy shadow. Although the shadow is illusory, the real object of projection is us living in reality.
"In this world, there are people who live in difficult lives and who are sad. People who seem to live a prosperous and happy life, people who are healthy, and lovers who are tender and sweet are actually lambs with troubles. ."
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