Akira Kurosawa Movie--Trolley Crazy

Hailee 2022-11-06 06:23:53

After patiently watching "Trolley Mania" for more than two hours, my heart is heavy. The poor people in the city hidden behind the tall buildings live small and humble. The movie is called "Trolley Maniac", but it does not spend a lot of space on the mentally retarded Xiaoliu, how to like the tram and being bullied because of his low IQ , and then move others because of their kindness, a traditional storyline. In fact, Xiao Liu is more like a reference for these humble people who live in reality but suffer different pains. Xiao Liu is the happiest in the film. Every day he indulges in his fantasy world of colorful trams. There is a man who loves him. My mother is in charge of diet and daily life, so she doesn't have to worry about vegetables, rice, oil, and salt. What worries me the most every day is the dereliction of duty by the imagined tram maintenance staff, who fails to maintain her own tram, and encounters passers-by who don't have long eyes and take up the road while driving.

The film also uses a lot of Western religious theories and allusions. The old man who makes exquisite handicrafts is a wise man. He wanders among people with different personalities, and takes the initiative to give his wallet to the burglar. Now, even if you ask him for it, you have to come in through the main entrance; make friends with Xiaoliu, who is mentally handicapped, and care about his tram operation; tell the drunkard who is drunk and crazy with a sword, and help him change hands, So that he would not tire himself by beheading people; he gave fake poison to those who wanted to commit suicide, awakening the desire to survive; he sympathized with the little beggar who suffered from diarrhea, and was willing to give his money to the big beggar, so He showed the little beggar a doctor, but was rejected. The old man did not force him. He said to the people around him: He is just a poor weakling. In the end, the little beggar died, and the old man took the little beggar's ashes to the old beggar and left. A wise man is like a god, overlooking all living beings in this world, living in pain and despair. He is sympathetic and rational at the same time. Every person in this world has his own set of survival rules. , living in different ways, meaningful and meaningless, that is their own way of life, he can only guide them, but cannot change their thoughts and their living conditions.

The sick society and all kinds of sick characters are my first feelings about this film. The red and yellow worker brothers lived a sex life of getting drunk with alcohol and exchanging wives openly all day, to numb their nerves, obtain fresher and more exciting sensuality, and satisfy the most primitive and bottom-level desires. What's wrong with this world, what is life for? That lonely man, living in a dilapidated iron house, his eyes are dull, his expression is dull, he can only tear and weave, cook, never speak or deal with others, he is trapped in the cage he built. Now, he is unwilling to forgive his beloved wife for cheating, he tortures himself, and he is unwilling to forgive her even to death, making the cheating woman feel guilty for the rest of her life. The girl who lived in the house of her uncle and aunt was subjected to forced labor and rape by a lazy and wretched alcoholic uncle. The only thing in this world that made her feel a little warm was the greeting and concern of the wine delivery brother every time he delivered wine. The girl was pregnant. Before committing suicide, she chose to stab the younger brother in order not to let the younger brother forget him after her death. After the little brother was injured, he didn't blame the girl. He could understand the girl's behavior, but he couldn't save her tragic life. The father who made brushes who helped others raise five or six children. Women looked down on him. He had to count 30 hairs on a brush. He found a lot of men outside. There was a prairie above his head, but he still regarded the child as himself. Treat your own child like that.

The surreal way of expression in this film, Xiao Liu and the big beggar live in their dreams all day long, they may not be unhappy, but we all live in reality, how can we live our limited life wonderfully without wandering the world , is the real meaning of human existence.

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