glazed window ruin room

Christy 2022-09-17 03:57:42

The stained glass windows in the medieval church let the penetrating sunlight dye the bright colors and warm the hearts of believers

The tram madman comes home at night, the flashlight swaying on his chest penetrates the colorful tram graffiti pasted on the glass of the door frame, and the beam shakes the whole house on the other wall. in the darkness

It is very sad to see a story like a little girl selling matches. In the age of material scarcity, people can live by building the ideal house in their hearts, but in today's spiritual scarcity, what can we rely on to support ourselves?

The little characters in the film are so humble that most of them don't even have their names. They live like dead bodies day after day, but they may not think about why they want to live, nor do they require a meaningful life. For them, a full meal and an indulgence are life. to live is to live

The scene where Katsuko is violated by her uncle is very similar to the scene of my grandmother and my grandfather having an affair in the sorghum field in "Red Sorghum". The bright red color covers the screen and the perpetrators like Katsuko used to be well-behaved. The sensible daughter reminds me of the similar "Jin Funan Murder Case"

The seemingly honest Mr. Shima gets into a fight over the humiliation of his 'tigress' wife by a colleague We can never see all the stories in other people's lives So kindness and understanding are the best things in this world

A man will always attribute his cowardice to the fault of others, like a suicidal clerk who turns his back on the doctor who helped him, even though it was just a stopgap to make him give up the idea of ​​​​being lightly.

The background fabric of the overly vivid sun, clouds and moon resembles the surreal tones unique to Dreams

A wise old man's colored tram wall? Kurosawa's realism always shines with a glimmer of hope. Are those children's graffiti works by Kurosawa who likes to paint? I think he may have thought about putting all his hopes in the reality in his works He can be at peace with what happens, but God has not fulfilled him, but has left him hope

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  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Husbands have to work hard enough outside. It's only natural they want their wives to be nice to them.

    Masuo Masuda: But my wife isn't like that. She's like a nail digging into a cavity in my tooth.

  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Women are really impossible.

    Masuo Masuda: Yeah.

    Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: They have too much free time. They enjoy turning a little thing into something huge.