the survival of the lowest

Clare 2022-10-17 00:23:36

I watched more than 20 films directed by Akira Kurosawa, and settled on the 1970 "Trolley Mania". I was born in that year. The scenes in China at that time were estimated to be similar to those in the film. People could not get enough to eat. , don't wear warm life. Of course, we can still photograph life prosperous and lively. Hide the embarrassment and ugliness of life. But the black director did not do this, but instead presented those low-level lives in a more conscientious manner. As a result, there was no feasting and heart-warming scene, and the box office failed. There is no samurai, case-solving themes, transformation of realistic themes, depicting low-level living beings. Without the background of war and disaster, why did they live so miserably. The black guide did not analyze the root causes of such suffering, but only discussed the relationship between people and the reflection of individuals in the suffering.

It is happiness for the tram child. He lives in his own world. The paintings on the wall are not many warm colors in the film, and it is the dream of a beggar father and son.

Even if there is suffering, there are right and wrong, talking behind their backs, looking down on people, stealing, drunkenness, changing wives, but also warmth, persuading those who seek death, forgiving the thieves, and giving financial assistance to the poor, as if the good person is the old man. Others are so bad, the beggar father doesn't care about the life of his children; the person who is like a living dead never forgives his cheating wife; the two coolies live a life of drunkenness.

Compared with "Eternal Sanchome Sunset", this kind of movie with neither positive energy nor survival is definitely not popular.

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