The invisible tram takes you on a journey through the brilliance of human nature

Rogelio 2022-10-05 15:19:40

Always boring movie. Until they saw that limping man brought his colleagues to his house~~

Colleagues saw a rude and unreasonable stinky woman, this woman turned out to be the
wife of the crippled man. Outsiders couldn't see this "bad" wife, and immediately caused several colleagues' sighs

and cowardly men to be constantly insulted by their wives, until one of the colleagues couldn't stand it anymore
and started to blame him loudly, why did you find such a "stinky woman" When I was living~~

what was unexpected was that this cowardly man suddenly started to beat up the
colleague ~ and said excitedly:~~

"What do you know! When life is difficult, my wife uses The bowl dipped in water at the bottom secretly sticks more grains
every time I buy rice, so I don't starve to death..."

Seeing this, I was indescribably moved, and suddenly came out~ It makes people cry, the

tram mad is Kurosawa Akira's first color film~

From the era of black and white to the era of brilliant color film, Akira Kurosawa remains the same, zooming in on the details of the city
life full of human brilliance! It really hits the spot!

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  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Husbands have to work hard enough outside. It's only natural they want their wives to be nice to them.

    Masuo Masuda: But my wife isn't like that. She's like a nail digging into a cavity in my tooth.

  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Women are really impossible.

    Masuo Masuda: Yeah.

    Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: They have too much free time. They enjoy turning a little thing into something huge.