three-haired woman

Marcel 2022-10-23 17:00:18

No fixed job,

no fixed residence,

no fixed life style

, no fixed scenery,

no fixed tomorrow...

Would you like to live such a life?

Or, rather, ask - do you dare?

I can not.

I am afraid of too much uncertainty.

Life needs some excitement, some freshness, some uncertainty

, and if it's been like this,

I don't have the strong heart to bear

it. That's why we live our whole lives. Ordinary,

ordinary, familiar, unchanging,

everyone repeats it. Life...

So I admire her - this homeless woman

can see her smile like that in a dusty and tattered foreign country

She is her own queen For a

moment I seem to see Sanmao -

in the great desert in Africa The island is on a foreign plateau

. My favorite collection of works - "Traveling Through Thousands of Rivers and Thousands of Mountains" The

romantic and restless soul traveled all over the mountains, mountains, rivers and rivers in the dream, and

experienced the various tastes of life. I can only envy the peaceful life. For their part,

they have their own wonderful

and completely different romantic lives

PS: At the last moment, Bino was chasing the train in a car and waving a red turban
was a very warm scene

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