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When the tram lights at the end swept across the mentally handicapped's hut, the bright colors shone in front of my eyes and in my heart through the splendid paintings in the house, but I seemed to be unable to speak, even to express pity and sadness. This light illuminates a beautiful picture, but it also sweeps away sadness and despair. I don't even know who is sad and who is happy. Maybe you would say that art always exaggerates and magnifies life, but I believe that life is more cruel than art, because the extremes of human nature's good and evil definitely exceed the artist's cognition and even their imagination. Everyone is just a mirror, which reflects the problems of the whole society. People with morals and grief are constantly exploring and verifying the process of human history, and asking God what is the ultimate destiny of human beings. Whether it is a pessimist or an optimist, they all have the same belief: for a better future for mankind. It is because of these lovely people that I still look forward to tomorrow.

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  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Husbands have to work hard enough outside. It's only natural they want their wives to be nice to them.

    Masuo Masuda: But my wife isn't like that. She's like a nail digging into a cavity in my tooth.

  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Women are really impossible.

    Masuo Masuda: Yeah.

    Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: They have too much free time. They enjoy turning a little thing into something huge.