Tram world?

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The tram idiot drove his tram to this small market. The boring people in the small market laughed at him. How noble is the life of a normal person, and this tram driver is an idiot and a lunatic. But watching the whole movie, depressed family, family after family, absurd and even sinful families of all kinds, life in a small broken house, bear it silently? No, it is to take all unfairness, all abuse, all unethical as a habit, take it for granted, numbness is not enough to describe, it is completely changed my mind (Mister's rude approval of his wife, niece's acquiescence to his uncle's indecent assault) , two couples exchange wives and husbands, the blind man's attitude towards his former wife, the little beggar's "father is always right" to the old beggar, the brush craftsman's recognition of other people's children born by his wife).

In this way, the tram idiot seems to be more normal than them, better dressed than them, well-dressed, better than them, and more spiritual than them. Looking at his colorful paintings of various trams, it is clear It was placed in the sun, and it was placed at the end of the play.

In Kurosawa Akira's movies, there will always be a pile of various families living at the bottom of the life, a combination of their own happiness, and a wise old man who thread a needle when he needs help most, as if suggesting that it is Kurosawa Akira Oneself, a wise man in troubled times, a guide of the soul. But he also envied the colorful, child-like world of trams, colorful, rain or shine.

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