Single Mom "On the Road"

Kamryn 2022-10-23 23:17:06

I googled the Sufi teaching on the Internet, but I didn't understand anything. It is only said that it is a permanent fraternity group of the Sufism of Islam. The name is a translation of the Arabic "Tollegai", which originally means "road", "way", "way".
There is no clear positive explanation for why julia pursued Sufism in the film and it does not need to be taken too seriously. Originally, it was just a pretense, just like the big mouth Zhu in "Food, Prayer and Love" went to India to find some master. What they are looking for is not the point at all, the core is actually a road movie for women. All the way north! It's that simple.
There is such a logic in the plot settings of many movies: when you can't find a reason to continue in your usual life, when you can't find the life you want, you can find a picturesque A place to start everything over again. "Under the Tuscan Sun", "Food Prayers and Love", "Leap Year", "Letter to Juliet", and even "Midnight in Barcelona" all follow a similar logic, which is probably "a love movie with a foreign landscape as the background" consistent logic.
"Midnight in Barcelona" is better, because the chattering intellectual Woody Allen makes his position more open, even less indifferent, proposing "life itself is meaningless", "always dissatisfaction is a disease" and so on A neutral point of view, not trying to tell you that everything will be fine if you start over in another place. "North African Lover" is a bit higher in style than the other films except "Midnight in Barcelona". The protagonist Julia is a single mother with two children and has no source of income. She relies on her ex-husband to provide living expenses, and the ex-husband no longer cares about her, and it seems that Don't care about the safety of the children. Wrote her name wrong when sending her a Christmas card, and failed to send money on time when her child was seriously ill and had no money to buy medicine. When someone (friend Charlotte in the film) questioned julia's behavior and advised julia not to take their children homeless and delay them from getting a good education, julia said, "I'm sorry, but I can't let them go back to London and watch TV every night. I'm dizzy, I can't make enough money even if I work 14 hours a day." These details show what the director wants to say, rather than suggesting that he just wants to make a scenic idol drama. But the female pig, played by Fat Wen, and the male pig, played by my unknown actor, are too handsome and spoil his sincerity. Because handsome men and women should follow the logic of "Sex and City" in the world, instead of wandering around the world according to the logic of escaping from real life and embarking on a spiritual journey.
When I first came into contact with this type of film, I was very involved, and after watching it, I felt a thrill of getting out of the real-life predicament and releasing the pressure, but now I can't be that involved. I even began to wonder if watching this kind of movie is as pointless as lying in a rocking chair and watching the new edition of "Travel Guide", because no amount of guidebooks can drag the heart of a dead house, and no amount of thoughts of staying away from the chaos of the world can't match. A date call. What impact can such films have on our real life?
This type of film or the logic of this type of film cannot cure the mental weakness of modern patients. "North African Lover" and "Out of Africa" ​​are completely different. Eating exotic honey in the film is likely to be in real life. If you really want to heal yourself, maybe you can only touch those different lives with your own hands, or just immerse yourself in the experience that "on the road" brings us.

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