Sad figure Lee Chang-joon

Zack 2022-09-18 18:46:38

"Secret Forest" is over, and the final episode wraps up revealing the last secret character, Lee Chang-joon.

Although he had guessed early that he was a whistleblower for Chengwen Daily, he was far from understanding his thoughts, his motives, and the deep sadness hidden behind him.

Yes, sad.

When I saw that Huang Shimu finally analyzed Li Changjun's place, and when I saw Section Chief Yin explain his motives, I still didn't understand, I didn't understand when he decided to do this, if he wanted to do it from the beginning , what about his marriage? Was his marriage with Li Lianzai a conspiracy from the beginning? does it worth? But obviously not so.

Then what could he be for?

Therefore, until all the secrets are revealed, until his letter is made public, everything Li Changjun has experienced, the ideal he once adhered to, no, the ideal he still adheres to in the end, and his yearning for a better world, will be understood by everyone.

"If our society is not seriously polluted, I would probably turn a blind eye. If I was so rotten enough to turn a blind eye, I would probably enjoy life on my own terms, but I don't know when it started, creaks from my body, I It can't be like a dusty old book waiting to eat its ashes."

He became a prosecutor with such a lofty and powerful belief that he thought the world was not so dirty, but he was wrong, far more dirty and speechless than he imagined.

If he can let others corrupt him and drag him into that quagmire, maybe he can turn a blind eye and go with the flow.

However, his soul and his ideals would not allow him to do this.

Unlike Huang Shimu, Li Changjun was in the vortex, and he could see that peaceful means could not achieve the ultimate goal, so he said that everything must be seen in blood, and only in this way can he be exposed and valued. I have no intention to say that Li Changjun is nobler or greater than Huang Shimu. The precious thing about Huang Shimu is that he will never stop him no matter what. He can always do his best in his current position and seize every opportunity.

But this time, this opportunity was created for him by Li Changjun.

The script was written from the very beginning, ending with Lee Chang-joon's own death.

In fact, Huang Shimu's judgment on him is correct, Li Changjun is a monster, a monster created by this society. He thought he had the right to judge others, even if only in such a brutal way.

Li Changjun, always reminds me of one person, Ye Shenyue. However, compared to Yue, Li Changjun actually put his position lower. He did not set his own standards for punishing and judging others. He still implemented the standards given by the law. But Ye Shenyue is not like this, that is the real way to regard yourself as a god, as a judge of all living beings.

So when Lee Chang-joon jumped off the building, I think that's what caused more people's sadness. The only way he could think of was to immerse himself in it, to become someone he spurned, and to be in the company of someone he spurned. What kind of torment this is. The torment in the heart every minute and every second is a plan that I knew from the beginning that it could not end well.

"I can't exist as a betrayer who betrays my husband, until the end, it must be the prosecutor who takes something from a loyal lackey of the chaebol, only then can it become strong evidence, endowed with validity and credibility ".

It should be the lofty ideals and firm beliefs that you have in your heart, and you have to persevere at this point. He insisted on giving his only contribution to the beautiful world in his heart, and he refused to be judged by other people who were dirtier than him, so Lee Changjun finally ended himself.

Sadness is worthy of sympathy and admiration.

In the last episode of "Secret Forest", there is a particularly intriguing detail that the rescued Jin Jiaying refused to cooperate with the investigation. Seeing this, don't you think that Kim Jung-ben's remarks that Section Chief Yin and Li Changjun are sympathetic also resonate a little.

Although it was a foreshadowing process before, it was only in the last episode that Lee Chang-joon's past, his experiences, and his thoughts were fully revealed. But this character is so full and so vividly portrayed. "Secret Forest" is the best Korean drama this year, without a doubt.

Finally, let's put the last paragraph of Li Changjun, it is worth thinking about.

Restoring a collapsed system requires neither time nor money, but human blood, the blood of countless people. Although I want to say that history will prove everything, this blood must be shed now. The opportunity to change in the normal way has been missed. I can't be silent anymore. I can't wait for someone to show up. I can handle everything for me. Keep being silent. This world will soon become impossible. Fog, revealing secrets.

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