The whole plot of the secret forest is sorted out - you shouldn't have come at that time.

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Foreword: If you are lucky enough not to start watching the show before reading this article, please refer to the following process - later, you will thank me.

1. Make sure you're going to be watching a refined version (like a trivia), and stay away from shoddy surprise translations like Phoenix Angels. For this magical drama with details of grass, snake and gray line, the latter's thunder and thunder will seriously affect your understanding of the plot. I am very grateful to the commercial team for their efforts to provide translations in the first time, but rushing to work is not a reason to translate blindly. Mistakes and omissions can be explained by the translation level, but adding non-existent content indiscriminately violates the basic professional ethics of translation.

2. Don't fast forward while watching a drama. If you miss a minute in the front, there will be an extra hole in the back. The questions raised by many bewildered netizens are actually explained in the small details of the play.

3. Now please close the browser page, and don't watch any plot discussions before watching the full play, especially don't read the following.

The following text:

Nineteen years ago, Li Zhangjun started his career as a prosecutor following the upright teacher Yong Yicai.

A few years later, he sued Lee Sung Jae, the son of the chaebol, under enormous pressure. The young man stood in court, brave, noble, and fearless; the beautiful Lee Yeon was sitting in the gallery with a gleam on his face. Bright. When two people with intertwined fate met for the first time, the tragedy began.

She abandoned the well-matched President Wenwen, he abandoned the principle of hatred and hatred, and they got married.

He knew what kind of family she came from, he knew that this family was shrouded in corruption and sin, and in order to be with her, he could only choose to turn a blind eye to it all. While faithfully performing his duties as a prosecutor, he also guarded the family from the law.

He deceived himself and told himself that the society was only mildly polluted, and he could turn a blind eye to these pollutions and live out his life with what he had.

However, his beliefs never changed.

No matter how slack it is, it will never harm people's beliefs.

Eight years ago, contrary to everyone's expectations, he represented the elderly deprived of teaching rights in court as a deputy minister and prosecutor sued the state. In the gallery sat his intern inspector Huang Shimu. On this day, the dull young man established his own milestone in life.

Soon after, the intern fought against the minister who was derelict in his duties at the first water source inspection site. He seemed to have found a treasure and was overjoyed.

Four years ago, because of the favor of a bowl of rice, a glass of wine and a wallet, he indulged Xu Dongzai and released the representative of Shanghua Construction who had hit and run under the influence of alcohol. Then, out of kindness, he introduced the small businessman to the obscure subsidiary, Korea Logistics. He underestimated the terrifying ambition of this small businessman, and he was ignorant of the actual huge role of this logistics company.

Three years ago, the ticking time bomb he had been dreading finally exploded. He regarded his father's teacher, Yong Yicai, as finding out that Li Yunfan had been arranging tax evasion stock accounts when she was a child. Whether she knew it or not at the time, imprisonment was inevitable.

In order to protect her, he let Li Yunfan push Yong Yicai to a dead end. She didn't have to go to jail, and he walked steadily, quietly watching the decaying ant colony slowly expand.

And this also brings him into the darkest part of this vast corrupt system, and he finally realizes that the Republic of Korea is collapsing and most ordinary people are no longer safe. He could no longer pretend to be gone.

He brought in Jiang Yuanzhe, who was excluded from investigating and punishing fraud cases in the eastern district, and Huang Shimu, who was regarded as the object of negligence in Qingzhou. Section Chief Yin, whose family was ruined due to corruption, was reinstated under his arrangement.

Gathering his warriors, he began to collect evidence silently, waiting for the opportunity to appear.

On October 27, 2016, Park Woo-sung, who found signs of bankruptcy, arranged for Kim Ga-young to entertain him in an attempt to gain a handle on threatening him. Well, let's use this monster he created by mistake to carry out this plan.

At the end of 2016, Park Wucheng went bankrupt. He monitored Park Moo-sung and Kim Ga-young's residence and operations, perfecting the details of the plan.

On January 13, 2017, he arranged for the taxi to be reported to be closed, and everything was ready, only to confirm the date of Park Wucheng and Huang Shimu.

On January 15, 2017, Park Wucheng called Huang Shimu to meet him the next day, and then called him again to threaten him. The time was right.

On January 16, 2017, Operation Thorn Park.

Park Wucheng, a demon who grew up due to his negligence, died under the sword of Section Yin. The watermelon knife from a year ago has become the original rose knife in the room, and the vendetta has become a temporary robbery and murder. Jiang Zhenxie, who

has a criminal record, low income, owes rent, is in debt, and has a newborn child to support, was designed and arranged. He went to the door to repair the TV, and when he entered the door, the car recorder downstairs photographed Section Chief Yin disguised as Park Wucheng as planned. Even if Jiang Zhenxie did not pick up the gold ornaments on the ground, the video and the scene of the robbery and murder would hardly convince the court that Jiang Zhenxie was not the murderer.

Huang Shimu arrived on time, identified the suspect, hunted down, and arrested people in one go. Both people and stolen goods were seized, and there was naturally no need to expand the scope of the search at the scene. Later, Huang Shimu found the surveillance video, Yong Eunxiu presided over the prosecution, and Jiang Zhenxie was sentenced. Everything went smoothly according to his carefully designed development.

On the other hand, he arranged for Section Chief Yin to bury the dead dog in the garden, so that the blood on the fence could be found a few months later, thus making the case suspicious. After the second victim, Jin Jiaying, appeared, the reversal of the case came naturally. It's a pity that Jiang Zhenxie, who just became a father, is still too extreme in temperament.

With the encouragement of Huang Shimu, Han Ruzhen withstood the pressure of his peers and released the evidence of blood on the fence to the media. The Pu Wucheng case made headlines in major media. Then he deliberately arranged for Xu Dongzai to search for Quan Min'e with great fanfare, thus leading Huang Shimu, who had been tracking Xu Dongzai, to find the second target of the plan, Jin Jiaying.

On March 24, 2017, Huang Shimu found Jin Jiaying's clue as he expected. The kidnapping of Kim Ga Young begins.

The scene of the murder case before February, the troubled teenager who regularly broke into the house, and the media that went viral because of Jiang Zhenxie's grievances, all of which made the Park Wucheng case become the focus of public attention again, and the fruit knife covered with Huang Shimu's fingerprints thoroughly Pulled into the center of the vortex.

Adding fuel to the fire, he revealed information to Chengwen Daily and threw the third blockbuster.

When the Western District Attorney was under tremendous pressure, he effortlessly recommended Huang Shimu to the chief to become the special prosecutor, and the vanguard of this battle was officially put on the line.

The grievances of Yong Yicai were rehabilitated, the director of Longshan was arrested, and the head of the first department of the investigation and local prosecutor's office was arrested, and public attention reached its peak.

With persistent efforts, he then persuaded the chief to make Jiang Yuanzhe the chief prosecutor under the impeccable excuse of successfully disbanding the special inspection team. His warriors had taken all the high ground on the battlefield, and he was sure that the evidence he later endorsed with sacrifice would be at its best.

Everything is in order, it's time to say goodbye.

He combed through all her possessions, laundering them through a scholarship consortium. This ensures that she can escape from the storm, and she can still have food and clothing after her father and brother are imprisoned.

But don't see my daughter so happy and forget me.

She didn't realize at the time what a loving and reluctant last word it was.

Under the cloudless sky, in the season suitable for departure, he drove her to the airport. Little did she know, this was the last part of their life journey.

He took her hand and escorted her into airport security. Take one last look at her back at the end of the corridor with nostalgia, and walk away.

This is his story. In the 16 episodes of the TV series, in 19 years, he may never have lived for himself, for justice, for his lover, and for the destiny of the country, he did everything he could. Until the last moment of his life, he was still persuading his students to reform.

The car accident of Section Chief Yin's son and the murder of Yong Enxiu are regrettable and sighing, but the accident is not a real tragedy. Knowing that you will go down this road, the result is a tragedy, but you still have to go down this road. This is a tragedy.

The moment they met in court, the final outcome was doomed. If they hadn't met, they could have lived their entire lives in their respective life trajectories. But luck makes people, and their encounter is destined to fall in love. In order to protect his lover, he can only participate in the business dealings of the chaebol. After entering this system, he must find that the darkness behind him is far beyond his imagination. Failure repeats itself, and he can only fight to the death.

All this is inevitable because of his beliefs.

This is a struggle between man and fate. Although man is ultimately no match for fate, the dignity of human nature is affirmed in the process of struggle.

Life is what I want, righteousness is what I want. The two cannot be both, and those who sacrifice their lives for righteousness.

It's just

that you shouldn't have come at that time.

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