"Now you have to choose between the hard way and the easy way"

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——The Writer's Perspective of Lee Soo Yeon, the "Brain" of the Secret Forest After the episode ended, I was very interested in the screenwriter, even though the information on Lee Soo Yeon is very scarce online, and some people confuse him with the director Lee Soo Yeon. Now let’s make a record of the collection part: 1. Li Xiuyan and her person, Li Xiuyan, was an ordinary white-collar worker before writing the TV series. She belonged to the category of imaginative and unrestrained. One day at work, she suddenly wanted to write a TV series, so she quit her job and started herself. writing career. The original idea was to write about the court; in the process, it was decided to use the prosecutor as the main stage, and the first time to collect the material three years ago, during the process of collecting material, I was allowed to visit the Grand Prosecutor's Office, which impressed him deeply.

2. About the original intention "Dumbledore in "Harry Potter" said to the students, 'Now you have to choose between the hard way and the easy way'." Li Xiuyan said, " Before reading this article I thought that the hard road is the bad road and the wrong road, but no one wants to face and choose the bad road, it seems too long and too thorny to walk , the road next to it that seems easy only takes a little step, but this road will take us to different places. I realized through what Dumbledore said." This paragraph can also be regarded as the original intention of Li Xiuyan to write the script. Well, so you can see that the characters who appear in the drama are all choosing between these two paths. There is no doubt that Huang Shimu and Han Ruzhen are choosing the hard road from beginning to end, even if it is long and hard and lonely; They were walking on the same road, but they failed to persevere to the end. They also knew that the road under their feet was a wrong one, but they had gone too far.

3. About the plot structure Someone asked Li, "Secret Forest" does not end one story in one episode, but adopts a structure that focuses on a large-scale event. Is the threshold too high for ordinary audiences? Li Xiuyan replied that she started to set up the huge organization of the so-called Supervisory Office, and wanted to draw out the story inside, so it is a bit reluctant to end a story in one or two episodes. But she doesn't want to add episodes just to boost ratings, or let viewers join them in the middle of the day.

4. About the characters 1) Huang Shimu's male protagonist, Huang Jian, is undoubtedly the most discussed. His name actually has a deep meaning. Huang Shimu means "towards the first tree". In the play, he is set to have had insula surgery and lost his emotional function. . Lee Soo Yeon says "In the play, for the sake of other people in the content and external circumstances, we need a protagonist who is not at the mercy. How can people have no desires? If it is a person with very superficial feelings, there will be no less requirements and hopes, so it is even more difficult. Will let go of desire, so this is just a role based on imagination." In addition, she added in another interview, "Personally, emotions are in the way, if you look at this vast world, when emotions disappear, All contradictions and conflicts seem to disappear." Huang Shimu is obviously a very idealized character, of course, after watching this play, you will find that Huang Shimu's emotional function is not completely lost, but suppressed most of the time: for 8 years, he Resisting all temptations, watching the environment in which you work is increasingly corroded, watching people who want to change these things without success and returning to increase the pain, you have the heart to change but there are no teammates who can fight side by side. The accumulation of this long-term depression will lead to the onset of his illness: the first time he learned that Li Changjun, a milestone in his former career path, also accepted bribes, and on the way to Park Wucheng’s house to collect evidence, it was probably caused by the collapse of the milestone in his heart; The second time was when I learned that someone got sick after being investigated by the procuratorate. In fact, I was not impressed with the disease this time. I speculated that it was because he thought of who was investigating himself, which further confirmed that there was indeed a problem with that person; the first two times were Because of Li Changjun, it can be seen that Li Changjun's position in Huang Shimu's heart is very important, and this position in turn shows Huang Shimu's pain after learning the truth. The third time was because of Rong Enxiu's death. The screenwriter talked about the price of Rong Yicai's silence. He also hoped to use Huang Shimu's state of mind when he saw the body of his younger generation to convey to the audience: his attitude towards her during that period Sorry for being late, pity for misunderstanding this hardworking woman, etc. Lee Soo Yeon also mentioned that Jung's death was also related to her previous actions. I mentioned in the comments that Huang Shimu had nightmares after the onset of the disease. In the dream, Huang still appeared in the image of a child. This scene is worth thinking about. Before Huang Shimu got sick because of pain, this time it was because of apology, pity and fear. Because I didn't see death fear, but because I saw the death of people around me. In addition to the more obvious emotional outbursts in the three episodes, Huang Shimu's emotional function is slowly recovering, mainly due to Ruzhen's influence. Huang Jian's rare relaxation and rare smile when facing Han Ruzhen are also very interesting. It's a pity that the emotional line of this play is very shallow due to the personal influence of the screenwriter, and the sugar will always end. PS 'Very surprised. I was thinking 'did there really be so many troublesome female characters coming out during this period? ' I'm also thinking that maybe the moment a woman comes out, she is inherently seen as 'this is trouble' or 'behavior of dependence'. Of course, when I was a child, there were also heroines who were depressing when I watched movies. When the wicked and the man are fighting, they won't even hit the back of the wicked's head with a brick, they're just the women shouting for help. I haven't seen a woman like this lately, and that's just my memory. We are not troublesome beings. "Han Yuzhen's words and deeds are things that any ordinary person would like to do but cannot achieve." Lee Soo-yeon believes, "If the character of Han Yujin I wrote is 50% lovable, pleasant, open-minded, and trustworthy, the actor will be as good as the actor. The Han Ruzhen played is 100% presented." I agree with this point, Han Ruzhen can easily become a virgin who always stands on the moral high ground, but Bae Doona gives life to this character, she is very good at empathy, facing Huang Shimu, face to face To Rong Eun-soo, to Park Woo-sung's mother, to Park Kyung-wan, to Kim Jia-young, and so on. Her own life is not easy, her promotion is slow, her purse is shriveled, and her daily work is difficult and dangerous, but she still wants to be a dazzling striker; she can see everyone's difficulties, and more than that, she is willing to take Mother Park over. Go home and live together, resolutely expose Park Qingwan's torture, etc. Her insistence on justice is even a little paranoid. For example, she held a gun at Huang Shimu in the last episode. For example, her accusation against Yin Shiyuan, I did not write these parts in detail, especially for Yin Shiyuan. As an ordinary audience, I can't accept this very well. This time, I didn't feel Han's empathy on this issue. Imagine a father who lost his young son and his life has been stagnant since then. He knows that although he should not raise the knife, the environment and talents who pushed him to this step are more worthwhile. accuse. Therefore, Yin Shiyuan's reaction to Han was numb; this was completely different from Yin Shiyuan's attitude towards Park Qingwan: Han had never experienced such a loss, and he only carried out law popularization lessons from the perspective of a law enforcer, lacking strength; Park Qingwan was different, his pain Like Yin Shiyuan, although he was aware of his father's feelings afterward, what he did better than Yin Shiyuan was that he faced the pain head-on, did not be swallowed up by the pain, and did not raise the knife to the weak because of the pain. Aside from the above point, Ruzhen is still a very cute character, with both IQ and mobility, not being overshadowed by the light of Huang Jian. The amazing thing about Pei Douna is that she brought this character to life. Just like an ordinary police officer who lives in us, she is not good at painting but perseveres in painting and sending paintings. When the case is not going well, she does not forget to bring a bottle of soju for a meal. Admirable and reassuring. 3) About Lee Chang-joon Lee Chang-joon this

5. About the ending Li Xiuyan: People commit suicide not because the current environment is too difficult. I once read in a book that no matter how tired you are, if there is a small hope of improvement tomorrow, even in 10 years, you will not commit suicide. However, if the conclusion that only more painful things are left is thrown, it will reach a point where it cannot stop. It's not that we don't lose hope, but that it's impossible if we don't even have hope. Even in the TV show, it feels pretty dark.

6. About the next work Li Xiuyan: People who have been studying for a long time will have a few story outlines in hand. Although it has been revealed that several have been written, it is still too early to make it public. If I had written like this before, I would have made my debut earlier, right? The follow-up works may be industry dramas. Because of the struggles that emanate from specific professional groups, I personally write the best. Just hope it doesn't bleed. Although it was written by me, there are also parts that I am afraid of. I am not very good at romantic films or family dramas that draw human emotions. Anyway, I don't think there's a lot of game of thrones between grown-ups like this show. I also want to write period dramas or costume dramas. "Now you have to choose between the hard way and the easy way." I hope you and I can choose the right one.

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