The male protagonist without emotional baggage is so powerful

Leif 2022-10-14 19:29:44

This TVN drama has attracted enough attention just from the casting. It is also Cao Chengyou and Bae Doona. They are both Korean first-line movie stars. It has been many years since they have not acted in Korean dramas. This return is also quite expected. What kind of CP spark will the two experienced acting schools create?

Children's shoes who want to watch emotional dramas are estimated to be out of action for the time being, because the male protagonist's personality is too rational, and rationality is paramount, so that there is no smell of fireworks. At present, it seems that he is a science male at the level of a scholar, with careful logical thinking, and he is not influenced by emotional factors, which is particularly terrifying.

The male protagonist of a Korean drama, even a criminal investigation drama with a background of power struggle, will inevitably be entangled by a coquettish bitch, the emotional drama is twisted, and the nonsense is full of nonsense, which directly slows down the progress of the narrative, and once made people angry. It's alright now, the male protagonist is right about things and people, and even his emotions and desires are saved.

You will be surprised to find that the premiere episode of this drama actually goes straight to the title. The murder case broke out, the victim and the suspect were killed one after another, and all the characters were brought up, even the victim's mother was deeply involved in the play. . The background of the male protagonist's family and the geometry of his parents are omitted.

In fact, the routines of this play are not uncommon. The office politics in the prosecutorial department is very similar to the narrative style of "Cold War". into play.

The male protagonist in the routine plot is very easy to be influenced by emotions, family, colleagues, responsibility, morality, and so on. Cao Chengyou's character design is simple, I am smart, I am awesome, I have a big brain, but I go all the way to the dark!

He looks at the corruption of his boss, stands on the sidelines, and does not make a sound; the little beauties under him are greedy for merit, causing unjust, false and wrong cases, and he is deeply pressured by public opinion. , I will not help you just because you are a beauty intern.

All the time, he was either racing or walking, transitioning, transitioning, non-stop transitioning, what was he doing? Grab time with the progress bar of each episode. So, you will find that one hour is over inexplicably. Such a male protagonist, how can there be time to fall in love?

A prosecutor who doesn't have a girlfriend should be like this, act resolutely, make a big stride, less troublesome affairs, and more corruption cases.

Many people have mentioned probation. With the progress of the plot, the revolutionary friendship between the hero and the heroine is deepening day by day. Will he be softened? Will he no longer have facial paralysis? No more serious reasoning? No longer the inner drama of going one's own way? Instead, moving towards a happy life with a bright smile?

Korean dramas are Korean dramas after all. Under the packaging of suspense dramas, I believe that there will be a place for warmth. Just imagine, the cold male protagonist suddenly blocks bullets for the righteous and awe-inspiring female protagonist. The moment he landed, his expression was calm and his eyes were gentle. Is it very dramatic?

Of course, this is another story, but I still have to say that the male protagonist who has no emotional baggage is really powerful. The so-called "no desire" is a strong one. The more rational people are, the more terrifying they are. This kind of ruthless character is ringing, um, there are not many ruthless people, so check your eldest brother.

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