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Jaden 2022-10-31 02:02:48

"Secret Forest" is another high-scoring drama produced by tvN after "Signal", starring Cao Chengyou and Pei Douna, a movie star, telling the story of a genius prosecutor fighting corruption. I remember that I only watched one episode a few days ago and gave it five stars+ I have watched the 14 episodes that have been broadcast in the next week. The plot is extremely ups and downs and it is neat and neat. The highlight is how Cao Chengyou uses his eyes to kill countless facial paralyzed fresh meat in seconds. Since this drama is a tvN weekend drama, the last two episodes can only be tolerated for a while, and let's catch the last train of the drama.

This drama revolves around the murder of Park Moo-sung, a bankrupt businessman who once offered sponsorship (bribes) to individual prosecutors, and the attempted murder of a high school girl who was the target of sexual bribes. Huang Shimu and others formed a special inspection team to investigate. Through two seemingly ordinary criminal cases of murder, they gradually uncovered the story of a major corruption case that endangered national security.

The prosecutor Huang Shimu, played by Cao Chengyou, had a part of his brain that was overdeveloped than ordinary people, and a weak voice could not only cause pain, but also be accompanied by serious violent tendencies. So the surgery removed this part of the brain, and the aftermath of the operation was that he would not be able to perceive emotions. After growing up, Huang Shimu has been working in the western district prosecutor. He is calm and sophisticated, with a clear mind that is different from ordinary people. He is calm and good at thinking when he encounters problems, and he does not bow to corruption. For 8 years, he fought alone in the corrupt prosecutor's office until the case of Park Moo-sung. Undoubtedly, Cao Chengyou used his squinted eyes to explain that he can still play a very attractive and cold-faced prosecutor without facial emotions, setting a milestone that cannot be chased for the fresh meat with facial paralysis.

The policewoman Han Ruzhen played by Pei Doona is full of sense of righteousness. She not only has the savageness of being a woman, but also has the tenderness and love unique to women. She treats the victim's family like a family member. She is the most humane in this drama. The kindest person. Later, he entered the special inspection team to assist Huang Shimu in investigating the case of Park Wucheng's sponsorship and murder.

Li Changjun was originally the deputy chief and chief prosecutor of the Western District Prosecutor, and later served as the chief secretary of the President at the Blue House. He is the husband of Li Yunfan's daughter, Li Lianzai, the chairman of the Korean and Korean Group. He has been promoted again and again under the influence of his father-in-law, serving as the umbrella of the Korean and Korean Group.

Seo Dong-jae was the prosecutor of the Criminal Division of the Western District Prosecutor, and later followed Lee Chang-joon to the Blue House as his affairs officer. Because this person is not from a professional background, he has a strong sense of inferiority. He will only climb the ranks and take pride in self-interest. He is more like a grass on the wall. From the beginning, because he looked down on Huang Shimu and stumbled him everywhere, and later, in order not to be prosecuted, he bowed his head to be a spy for Huang Shimu, which was both sad and happy. Whenever he appeared, the atmosphere immediately became tense, but he was concerned about his safety. .

Yong Enhui is a rookie prosecutor of the Western District Prosecutor's Office. She is dedicated to vindicating her father's case of being framed for taking bribes three years ago.

There is also Li Yunfan, played by Li Jingrong, the chairman of the Korea-North Korea Group. He claims to support all the citizens of the Republic of Korea.

The Korean political system implements a system of "legislative, executive, and judicial" separation of powers, in which the judicial power belongs to the Grand Court and the Grand Prosecutor's Office. Prosecutors have great power. They have the right to investigate criminal cases and make decisions about the end of the investigation. The judicial police must listen to them. They are required to remain politically neutral at all times, and must not abuse their power.

Thus, there are prosecutors represented by Huang Shimu who fought against forces at all levels for the interests of the country at all costs.

The biggest feature of this drama is suspense. Except for Huang Shimu and Han Ruzhen, who don't have to worry about it, the rest of the people are both good and evil. Guessing the riddle, the process before the answer is revealed is always incomprehensible, which is also the biggest reason for attracting people to watch.

As of 14 episodes, the three murders that happened at different times seem to be unrelated, but in fact they are inextricably linked, gradually showing that this drama is not just as simple as the corruption of the prosecutors, but can originally represent the country. Prosecutors who exercise justice because of greed and vanity marry a big chaebol daughter, lose their professional ethics, and gradually become the umbrella of the father-in-law's tax evasion, disrupt the financial market, and even carry out arms deals, and even wake up after the puppet, so as to secretly carry out a revenge drama to expose and resist.

After all, interests and beliefs are contradictory, just like fish and bear's paw cannot have both.

This crime-themed drama doesn't pay much attention to the protagonist's emotional drama. It may be that the screenwriter did it deliberately for fear of affecting the main line of anti-corruption investigation. However, there is still a lot of resonance in the actors' eyes drama. When Han Ruzhen and Yong Eunhui met alone, women were naturally sensitive, which made them embarrassed who had a good impression of Huang Shimu, so it was revealed from the performance of eyes and body language, and Bae Doona's frown and smile showed her masculine character and feelings. Delicate female detective. They are all people who made Huang Shimu emotional, because the former made Huang laugh, while the latter made Huang cry.

Before he met Han Ruzhen, Huang Shimu was a cold-faced prosecutor with sleeping emotional nerves and a workaholic. He did not have the joys, sorrows and sorrows of ordinary people. Two words describe him as facial paralysis. Han Ruzhen once drew two random pictures and gave them to him jokingly as gifts. He kept them all. His feelings began to wake up from then on, and he also showed the only bright smile in the whole drama, which is more precious than a short-lived flower. .

And Yong Enhui was a prosecutor led by Huang Shimu. From the internship period to the smooth transition, she worked hard and earnestly, but to rehabilitate her father's unjust case mixed too much personal emotion, which is also the main reason why she was not selected by Huang Shimu into the special inspection team. reason. Yong Enhui is more like Huang Shimu's younger sister. Too much contact at work seems to have produced a feeling like family affection, so that the murder of Yong Enhui made Huang Shimu feel a huge sense of guilt, due to not fulfilling the responsibility of protection. Caused by excessive sadness Severe brain pain passed out.

No matter how far the darkness is hidden in the jungle, no matter how many secrets there are, there is a prosecutor like Huang Shimu, I believe that the sun will always shine there and sweep away all the dirt.

Looking forward to the last two episodes.

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