God's script super god ending

Sunny 2022-10-18 21:33:10

Fifteen episodes of hard work, the final ending doesn't seem to be what we want the good guys to win in an all-round way, the bad guys to be brought to justice, the male and female protagonists, and finally the family carnival finale where love has sprouted. It's not the ending why I mentioned Super God because this drama is too real, too told to us, my friends, this is the real world

Chief Li finally chose to end his life. He really did it to make the evidence he had collected more reliable. What the public knew about the image and what they wanted to believe was the most important thing. Sacrificing himself alone can exchange for a short-term change. He has made his due contribution. On the other hand, he is also a normal person. He does not want to be arrested. He does not want to be ruined. He does not want to be arrested and tried by his younger generation. He feels that he has stuck to his moral bottom line, he is not completely rotten, he is still the self who has lived up to it

Section Chief Yin actually knew his sins, but he couldn't suppress the anger in his heart. He chose the most extreme way to solve the inappropriateness of the law. It is understandable that he said that he felt in the special team that he was finally breathing after two years. The guard scolded him on the one hand because of sympathy for the victim, on the other hand, she also had entanglements with the facts

The current Attorney General Jiang immediately reacted after receiving the information from Chief Li that he was not willing to lose his workplace. He hoped that the ministers could try their best not to be counterattacked because he was in the officialdom too well aware of how things would develop, but he also Do what you can do without hurting yourself as much as possible. In the end, Huang Jian took the blame and was demoted to Nanhai. Attorney General Jiang couldn’t do anything because the first-level official crushed people to death and no one was blamed to die. That’s it The routine of the officialdom and he knew that President Li and the high-level officials were only temporarily arrested. There will always be special pardons. There will always be various names to allow the other party to escape. Maybe the murder case is already unavoidable. Chief Li feels that since he wants to see blood, it is better to make the blood more valuable.

As for Jin Jiaying and Xu Dongjae, this is the epitome of reality. In reality, more of this kind of luxury is just a momentary luxury for the sake of eating and drinking.

There is no way for the world to change for the better in a day. Interest groups are always guarded by officials and hide their evil intentions, but it is not possible to do nothing because it is difficult. People who do nothing to change justice are trying their best. The powerful are still in high positions. The advantaged and disadvantaged groups can only turn their backs on their beliefs, only to survive and prosper. There are very few people who persist with pure beliefs. Maybe some of them will fall and some new ones will stand up, but there are always people who are working hard. There are always people there. Insist that maybe the world will get better little by little There is nothing like a fairy tale that kills all the bad guys at once This drama finally did it I told you in the drama what is the real world The reality is cruel We still hope that we can go forward with faith Row

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