Snow for Lee Chang-joon

Darrion 2022-10-22 02:36:39

After watching signal last year, I posted a circle of friends, roughly saying that good works can guide people's hearts, and there are always people who have to live forever young and tearful. I finally finished watching the finale of the Secret Forest last week. I was very busy during this period and couldn't write anything in the first place. My favorite TV series last year was Signal, and this year is over halfway through. For the time being, I think the best TV series is Secret Forest. The Secret Forest has a higher score than Signal, but I don't actually like this one. Compared with Signal, the logic of the secret forest is tighter and the plot development is tighter. Even in the later stage, it did not collapse too much. Obviously, the higher score makes sense, but I remember that when I watched Signal last year, my heart was warm. Yes, and when I watched Secret Forest, I just knew that it was over, there would be no after, so I think this is the difference, there is no other reason, because we all understand that in reality, there is no Huang Jian, there is no Han Ruzhen, and even less There is Chief Li because we all understand that the secret forest is a fairy tale for adults and a social fairy tale of magical realism.

The moment Li Changjun jumped off, tears fell. From episode 5 or 6, I believed that Li Changjun was a good person, from Huang Shimu asking for the position of inspector general in front of him, from the time he stood in front of Huang Shimu and said that he would not stand in front of him as a defendant until his death, It's not that I want to show that I'm well-versed in routines or have any wisdom to see the truth, and I now feel deeply that it is an insult to him to describe him as a "good guy". Li Changjun in this drama may be the real idealism in the real sense. He is quite restrained, firm, calm and unscrupulous. He is not cynical, does not need to self-deceive or persuade himself. He faces the bleakness and pain of reality and dedicates himself to it. . "You can't earn a cup of coffee for a hard day. And some people say that a word is worth trillions." When he said this, he didn't think it was so funny.

In this drama, everyone is like a perfect symbolic icon, representing Huang Shimu, who has no feelings for the prosecution, Han Ruzhen, who represents the police who always pursue justice, and Li Yunfan, who represents the chaebol, who is right in the face of history, and represents the eternal maintenance of the upper class. Li Lianzai, who has an impeccable fake smile and aloofness, even represents the ordinary people who follow the crowd, but Li Changjun is different. He is indeed an icon, an icon that is too idealistic. "I don't know when it started, from There is a creaking sound in my body, I can't be like a dusty old book, just waiting to eat ashes", he doesn't seem to be an icon, maybe it's this even less credible belief that keeps him forever Between the ideal and the reality, forever shining untouchable and like a high ground that never existed.

"The things in this bag must be taken from me, not the relics of a betrayer who betrayed the old man. It must be taken from a loyal lackey of a chaebol. Only Only in this way can it become strong evidence and be endowed with effectiveness and credibility", so Wuli Li Changjun, until the end, was a resolute gesture of shattering and ashes, but I felt that Huang Jian went to the radio to stand behind him. The name thing is a failure. And Li Lian, who has been in love for half a lifetime, seems to have never understood her husband for a second. Li Lian's most vivid expression in the whole play may be in front of Li Changjun's tomb. The contradiction between them is related to love and trust. Or any narrow contradiction that can be reconciled is irrelevant, the contradiction between them is the real contradiction between different classes, different positions, and irreversible contradiction, so Li Changjun said that he would rather never meet her. But Li Lian was saying that she didn't regret it because she didn't understand Li Changjun until the last moment, as if she had forgotten that when she first loved him, what she loved was that he couldn't be bought and he was upright.

But how can life be the same forever.

I am very pleased to see that until the end, the male and female protagonists did not have any real love feelings. Although the relationship between the male protagonist and Li Changjun, who is also an enemy, a teacher and a friend, is complex and precious, there is still a trace between the male protagonist and the second female lead. Faint affection, but I am glad that this drama has not been distracted too much by these miscellaneous branches. The feelings between people are really too small and not worth mentioning in this drama, but Like a little bit of starlight in the night. My favorite scene in this drama is that in episode 12, Huang Jian and Li Changjun returned to the place where they first met. Li Changjun finally said, "Why didn't you put on your robe? It should be very stylish."

In addition, there are too many familiar old stalks. For example, when Li Yunfan was arrested, he said, "I am responsible for 30% of the GDP of the Republic of Korea. If I am finished, South Korea will be finished." Huang Shimu listened, but said lightly. : "No."

Yeah, no.

"We ordinary people can only go with the flow."
"If you keep going with the flow, and one day you don't know where you are, what should you do?"

Yes, what should we do?

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