Don't ask about the plot, I just want to see the smile of Cao Dashen

Ally 2022-11-19 09:57:10

It took me three days to watch the 16-episode Korean drama "Secret Forest" with a duration of 70 minutes each. After the end, I suddenly felt dazed. resulting in a sense of loss. In any case, I recommended this drama to my family and friends for the first time, because the story is still wonderful, beautiful and fascinating. But the most important thing is the character + acting. Because the main focus is suspense, there are not so many emotional dramas with flowers and branches, but the acting skills of movie lovers and heroines make the TV series particularly attractive. Don't say Qingqing, I and I swear each other, even an ambiguous look is not enough. In the whole play, the actor Cao Chengyou only showed two and a half smiles to the heroine Pei Doona. People have to admire the intentions of the screenwriter, starring and crew. Although I am still a little picky about this drama in my heart, it is still praised. To sum up: Chong Cao Chengyou and Pei Douna, this drama is worth watching.

The male protagonist is a prosecutor named Huang Shimu, played by the famous actor Cao Chengyou. The character Huang Shimu suffers from a special brain disease and is born with a particularly sensitive sensory system. He can sense sound stimuli and visual signals that ordinary people cannot hear. His attention spans are quite amazing, and his insight is extremely powerful. But having a super brain comes with a price. Because the brain responsible for feeling is abnormally developed, even the slightest sound can cause him to feel pain, so there are only two choices in front of him: either suffer severe pain for a lifetime and become extremely irritable, or remove the corresponding part of the brain for a lifetime Feelingless, unable to experience any human emotion, destined to grow old alone. After he transferred to another school because of beating up his classmates and causing trouble, and having numerous splitting headaches and turbulent moods, his family chose to have an excision surgery. After the operation, Huang Shimu lost all senses, lost the ability to express emotions, and was unable to feel all human emotions. Likes, happiness, sadness, excitement, good and bad, no longer exist. Another price paid by his illness was a broken parental relationship, and he was raised by his mother. A woman who has nothing to rely on, with a child with a problem in her head, lives in a world where people say that it is terrible. It is conceivable that her life is naturally very difficult, and her inner torment is not lacking. Fortunately, suffering begets glory. After the hardships, Huang Shimu still maintained a fair and fearless heart, coupled with his innate insight, his studies were smooth, and he became a public official after entering the society. Huang Shimu, who appeared in the play, has been a prosecutor who has worked for 8 years, traveled several places, and served in the Western District Procuratorate. He has a calmer mind and stricter thinking than ordinary prosecutors, and the record of never losing a case is also his business card. At the same time, he also has a more obvious and famous feature than ordinary prosecutors - facial paralysis. Of course, this is not pretending to be lofty, nor is it pretending to be cold, purely physiological factors, because he has lost the ability to feel, so this guy basically has only one kind of expression, that is - expressionless. However, under the requirements of this kind of personality without emotional ups and downs, Cao Dashen still interprets the inner activities of facial paralysis in rich and varied levels. Thinking of his coldness when thinking about the case, his ease in coping with crises, his "gentle" and "peaceful" when he speaks to the heroine, and his rare smile that is heart-warming, as if every subtle change in his face is Dramas are all emotions... I really can only look at the stars and worship... I think to myself, I really saw God, a drama, a hero's smile can make people watching the drama full of anticipation and elated, can't wait to use it When I read "At first sight of the city, goodbye to the country", I have to go back and watch it several times. What is the situation? ? ?
The hostess set up a hot-blooded police officer, with justice in mind and great skills. From the film police to the traffic police to the criminal police, she could not wait to use all her blood to eliminate violence and An Liang, but she is not the kind of person who only knows how to use fists and not heads. She has strong thinking ability and fast reaction speed, and can keep up with the thinking speed of Prosecutor Huang Shimu. Pei Douna, who plays the heroine, is also a movie lover. After being sealed, her acting skills are really indescribable, smooth and natural. The eyes are big, especially the spirit, and the expression is really superb. Hearing that the police used violence to force a confession to protest but couldn't hold back the tears of anger, holding the portrait of Huang Shimu that he doodled to go to him to ask about the case, he had a funny smile on his face. , Talking about work, I was full of confidence and wanted to paint a portrait of a female student, but Huang Shimu poured cold water on it and insisted that I must follow the formal process and ask others to paint.
Cold-hearted prosecutors and hot-blooded police officers have overcome all obstacles and uncovered the dark side of corruption. It is said that this kind of plot is really not uncommon. Korean TV dramas are very daring to shoot and can do almost any subject matter. This kind of drama that exposes the corruption and degeneration of the upper class, the collusion between officials and businessmen, and the severe class division between the government and businessmen, and the hardships and hardships of ordinary people's lives, appear almost every year, which can be said to be endless. However, not every show is good, or it is difficult to say that this kind of drama is good. This show is one of the best. In fact, I don't think the screenwriter's plot setting is the best. There are really many bugs. After careful consideration, many plots are set on the basis of chance. For example, the TV repairman chose to steal the gold instead of calling the police and ended up in jail; overthrow the discovery of the little blood on the iron fence in the backyard of the murder house where the TV repairman was the murderer; After being transferred to the special group, the person did not spend energy and calm thinking to distinguish, but used the emotional standards of ordinary people to judge, which did not conform to the male protagonist; the president's subordinate Yu Shi was known for his effective methods, but he could only use hanging suits. To scare people in this way, and choose to kill people because of suspicion of being seen and obtaining evidence of a group crime, this is not in line with the setting of a high-IQ criminal strongman... Different from those interlocking and natural crimes, this drama sees In the end, there is really a kind of "how can this be" rush. The plot became clearer and clearer in the thick fog, and finally the clouds opened up. It turned out that the murder case was actually the chief executive who was constantly on the top because he gradually experienced the oppression of the political class by the dark people. He couldn't bear to deviate from his original intentions and beliefs, and he did not want to live a life of squeezing ordinary people's money. , to pay homage to justice, to affirm the proposition, and to use such a murderous method to expose the darkness of society and exchange for political clarity... This kind of expression, this ending, and such a far-fetched truth cannot be accepted properly. I don't think it's the actor's problem, nor the crew's problem, but the writer's problem. One of the characteristics of Korean dramas is that they are filmed while being broadcast. The advantage is that the plot can be changed according to the market reaction to cater to the audience, and it is often possible to control the cost and achieve the greatest effect. But the disadvantage is also revealed. When two episodes are broadcast a week, the screenwriter has to write two episodes of the plot within the basic framework. In particular, he must constantly design the plot to create suspense, attract attention, and attract audiences. In this case, also It is very difficult to delete and modify the scenes of each character by taking into account the development of the previous plot, the character's personality and behavior, and the audience's likes and dislikes, so that the story can be told in this way. It is very likely that it will change back and forth, and the final result will be completely different from what was initially presupposed. That is to say, in the beginning of the script, every occurrence of All of them may be the suspect and the last murderer, so we lay out every episode to write each episode, design some suspicious points, and draw out the real murderer at the end. This is of course very good, it can increase the suspense and attract attention, but the screenwriter finally ended it in such a way, which makes people feel like they hit the cotton with a heavy punch, light and powerless.
So I'm left hanging on to it.
But I am satisfied with the cosmetic-like acting skills of God Cao and Goddess Pei. It is said that Cao Chengyou and Pei Douna are not handsome men and beauties in the standard sense, but as soon as their scenes came out, I immediately surrendered. It was clear that there was no ambiguity at all, but their relationship made people feel very warm, every tiny expression and movement. It's all natural, it's really a cosmetic-like acting. I don't know if Cao Dashen can get a best acting award in this year's annual awards... If you
haven't watched the drama, let's go to the drama for those two and a half smiles!

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