Best suspense drama I've ever watched

Tressa 2022-09-27 22:01:37

It's overrated.

In my opinion, Samsung can't have more of this drama. I don't know how many suspense dramas have been watched by those who say that the plot is tight and the logic is strict.

Li Changjun's mental journey is completely unreasonable. With so much evidence in his hands, wouldn't the investigation be over by directly publishing it?

It took a lot of trouble to kill Park Wucheng, and framed a person, what is the profit? Do you believe that Huang Jiu can find Li Yunfan? What if the first repairman can't be framed without stealing something? After the successful frame-up, what should I do if I close the case and don't investigate it later? How can a sane person use so many uncontrollable factors?

What are the benefits of killing Jin Jiaying? In the end, only a police chief was found. What is the meaning of this line?

In the end, Chief Yu recklessly killed Yong Enxiu because he was seen downstairs in Huang Gu's house. Brother, you were only seen in his house. At most, it was a crime of burglary. You killed someone like this. , but also because the prosecutor found the murderer who killed the first two people, and some people said that it was to get back the criminal evidence of President Li. First, how did the head of Yu know that Yong Enxiu returned home and brought the deadly evidence with him. Second, even if you know it, can you use another method to take it and kill the person directly? It would be better to set fire to the fire while no one in Yongenxiu's house is aware, and if such important evidence knew that it existed, you must have tried various methods to obtain it in the early stage. You are a consortium that accounts for 30% of South Korea's gdp. The long royal secretary, you are so reckless and sloppy, is it worthy of the training of your President Li, and the image of the cold and shrewd right-hand man you portrayed in front of you?

The only real evidence of the prosecutor and the police in the film is the blood stains on the clothes of Chief Yin's house. The other convictions are all inferences. Based on a video, the first conviction for repairing TV can be convicted. By inference, they can arrest Park Wucheng's son, Yin. As a veteran murderer who can come up with the idea of ​​using a street car dash cam to frame others, the section chief actually keeps all the tools at home for processing, waiting for the police to search? If Section Chief Yin deals with this thing, does the prosecutor have any evidence? There is no clue at all, and the level of the prosecutor's investigation is also a mess

After Section Chief Yin was caught, there was no direct evidence to point to Li Changjun. It was only Huang inspection that deduced that Li should be behind the scenes. Li Changjun didn't know what was crazy, and thought it was time. I want to commit suicide and publish the evidence. Why did you go early? You can do this many times before.

The most buggy thing is the prosecutor in the film. No matter what the chief, deputy, or minister's office is, the door is never locked, and there are no locked drawers and lockboxes in the office. No matter what important documents are in the office, others can enter casually. are you kidding me

Above, no matter how good the acting skills of the male and female protagonists are, how full the characters are, the logic of the plot cannot stand scrutiny, and there are too many bugs, how can it not be called an excellent suspense drama

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