What does Yeon Eun Soo mean to you?

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This one really hit me hard. There has never been a show that I want to go back and watch over and over again, confirming the details over and over again. The plot is so tight that you can't let it go.

Just like this, I watched it without slack, until I saw 13 episodes. When he saw Huang Shimu lift the cover, it was as if his heart was beaten, how could it be. Knowing that she is too obsessed with the crime of washing her father. Crazy terrifying, sooner or later hurts himself, but in such a tragic way. When Huang Shimu sees how you feel, his heart will stop beating. Because of the inability to perceive and process emotions properly. So it still works like a high-precision machine. But it was a deeply buried emotion that I didn't even know. It began to splash out, a little overflow, and slowly occupied every nerve, and finally began to have severe tinnitus, and finally fainted. What was the mood, guilt, and self-blame at that time? Regret, in fact, the mistakes caused by overconfidence. In the end, it still didn't protect you. In the end, he was brutally killed in such a tragic way.

Go through the details over and over again, what your feelings for her are.

In the beginning, it was the guidance of seniors to juniors, hoping to take the right path, so I didn't want her to learn improper methods at the beginning.

Remind her to pay attention to the little action of biting her tongue, and then you have to lift a pointing light for her. Escort her.

Eventually she gets too hasty and misjudges, and it's already starting to show that her values ​​are different from yours. She may not care about justice, and her desire for revenge is too strong, causing her to lose her most fundamental professional ethics. At this time it was already doomed that she was no longer on the road with him.

Her mistakes, in the end, you help bear it. For the most part, you are for justice, because you are your descendant and the daughter of someone you admire. So take all the responsibilities. Or in a way that ordinary people would not dare. From that moment on, a seed has been sown, because three years ago, her father was framed, but in those three long years, someone protected her like that. How shocked she must be. What emotions start to breed for a long time.

Once one begins to maintain something, there is a silent hope that it is worthwhile to do so. I hope she will be well and not rashly defend herself.

So in the end you found out that she met President Park privately. It didn't tell anyone, including Officer Ruzhen. is selfish.

She was so eager to prove her father's innocence and to prove herself. She hoped that she could unload this burden and be a decent person. She was such a good and strong girl. How can you live under the guilt of such submissive and humiliating crimes? So every time I try so hard to prove myself to you.

But have you believed her? You also promised to protect her, but you still use her occasionally, knowing that she is so eager to get involved in the case. Are you confident that you can control everything?

Go to Xu's office secretly. When hiding, you obviously hate others touching you, so it is indeed a protective gesture. Finally, afraid of her making a sound, she covered her mouth lightly. It's illogical, people who hate touching other people, such intimacy. According to common sense, it is really unnecessary. Just this sudden action shows that she is different to you. You start subconsciously taking her under your wing. Protect her uncontrollably.

And the funniest scene:

You really say that you don't care about those things. You are actually angry. She was so judgmental about you at this time. It makes you more angry. When you are angry with others for not understanding yourself, you can already feel her urgent feelings for you.

She began to feel angry, helpless and lonely towards you for being numb and cold. Faintly lost in words. It's time to start falling in love with you.

You were really angry with you, but you were actually angry with her, and finally you couldn't help but say: Why do you think I don't understand anything.

You hope she understands. After all, there was no one around him. She, who rushed into your side so recklessly, also began to have a seat. There are so many twists and turns in his words, if you're willing to delve into it. Or what can be found.

She began to chuckle. Seeing hope, begin to let go of what you like.

The next day she saw you nervously rubbing your hands. Is so eager to see you, around you. You shouldn't be in a bad mood. You are so smart, you have discovered that you can deeply influence her.

But you still didn't cherish her that much, and you used words to lure her to take risks to test Xu, and even almost died.

You are deep in thought in the dark. You realize that her obsession is strong. It's a matter of time before something happens. Afraid, self-blame.

She shows up at your door with messy hair and disheveled clothes. How is the mood, looking at the scar on the neck. Actually it still hurts. There is no tacit understanding between you and you. Your attitude towards her has never been better, but she still breaks into your life so bluntly. Timidly knocking on your door again and again. It is also a wall of spiritual imprisonment that is knocked open a little bit.

After the sweater, you start not confident that you can fully protect her, and you no longer let her be involved in any case. She can't hide her love for you. The ambiguity in it can be noticed by everyone around. You really want you to be nice to her. You said you were good to her.

You speak coldly to her, but she still so eagerly desires you to be sure of her. Find a way to prove yourself. You choose the way you feel is right, and it's such a hurtful way.

so last, last

She left you. It's like throwing a boulder into your heart. Self-blame, guilt, remorse...

You are really sunshine, and Eunxiu is a stream, flowing recklessly, clearly, and stubbornly. She went around the forest, looking for the way out of the forest, surrounded by you, how much she hoped to flow into your heart.

Even if it's not love, Enxiu has flowed into Huang Shimu's heart like a trickle. At work, Huang Shimu is Eun Soo's senior mentor. Emotions (very complicated emotions, more of a relationship between men and women), Enxiu is indeed Huang Shimu's teacher.

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