What is the difference between Cao Chengyou's calm and expressive performance in "Secret Forest" and "Facial Paralysis"?

Lexie 2022-09-21 00:36:13

The intuitive feeling of facial paralysis is that there is no expression or few expressions.

There are roughly two reasons for this facial paralysis character:

One is subjective and deliberate!

Basically, the actor can't digest the role and can only deal with it rudely with a blank face.

The president has to be aloof, otherwise he has to study how to deal with betrayal and love. With a big expression, he was afraid of becoming Ma Jingtao. I don't have the life experience of a successful entrepreneur, and I don't have time to experience and observe life. Then let's be "cold", a character like me has to be calm and deep, I'm angry, sad, you viewers can experience it for yourself! Since there is no drama in the heart, this kind of arrogant facial paralysis is very contrived, and only being handsome is left. For example, the leader!

Niubi facial paralysis also often appears in characters such as high-IQ detectives and underground parties.

What is even lower than the awesome facial paralysis is the idiot facial paralysis. Actors may be really stupid, so acting silly is very real and natural! (Don't dare to name, for fear of being scolded)

The other is the role of facial paralysis caused by passive causes.

For example, Huang Shimu with post-operative complications, or some characters with mental illness, such as Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man".

The facial paralysis of this character is not subjective.

Huang Jian's heart was full of anger, doubt, happiness, and sadness, but he couldn't express it. If it is simply handled as an expressionless face, it is understandable. However, Cao Chengyou has the necessary training for an actor, and he understands the role with heart. When he cannot have a big ups and downs, he can only express his emotions with micro-expressions such as frowning and pursing his mouth.

When Park's body was found, he thought that Huang Jian was another vulgar character imitating Sherlock. But when I got to the office to interrogate the scapegoat Jiang, I started to like this character. He has changed and IQ, especially his eyes - I will stare at you, whatever you say, I will judge in my heart, and then refute you Speechless. And you talk nonsense I'm so bored I don't want to hear it.

At the end of the second episode, I absolutely fell in love with this character. Hearing that he might be expelled, he could feel that he had expected it, so he was calm, but when Li Changjun said Xu Jian's name, Huang Jian was surprised. The audience and Huang Jian also did not expect Xu Jian! In the end, the confrontation with Lee Chang-joon is completely unpredictable. You are making trouble like that? Is it also blacked out? I really don't want to miss a second to enter the third episode!

The first laugh in six episodes. The best part is - suddenly! When we have become accustomed to Huang Jian's calm and indifference, we suddenly make an attack, which is fleeting and needs to be replayed for confirmation. Wondering how many people were petrified? In the eighth episode, Smile and the "Nothing That Kind of People" have small explosions in each episode.

These candies are not sent to women one and two women, but to the audience.

There is no love line in the play, the love line is between Huang Jian and the audience!

A bit off topic. After all, Cao Chengyou's acting is so good! It is true and natural to set a big vulgar person to play!

Nima, suddenly I am running out of words! The topic can't go on! I just want to say - Huang Jian, you don't laugh, I love you, but when you laugh, I really love you!

Regarding the expression of "boring too lazy to listen", Huang Jian has always implemented it. When listening to Mama Sang's quibbles in the private room, when Xu Jian was caught secretly putting his mobile phone away, and when he was meeting with Xu Jian and the minister, Huang Jian would roll his eyes bored when he heard other people say nonsense. In contrast, it shows how patient Huang Jian was when he listened to Han guards' accusations of extorting confessions by torture.

In addition, small details can clearly distinguish different attitudes towards different people. For example, the soft and cute in front of the minister, and the thorns in front of the deputy minister. He doesn't take Xu Jian in his eyes and sometimes incites him (Xu Jian was still provoking him before he went to the Blue House, have you forgotten your suspicions about Li Changjun?)

In the Yongjian mourning hall, Huang Jian was biting his back teeth and swallowing his saliva. There seemed to be tears in his eyes.

Speaking of which, Huang Jian felt Qiu He in his heart every minute and his face did not change in the whole play. However, the audience does not need to guess or over-interpret Huang Jian's inner emotions, and there is not even a big ambiguity (except for Huang Jian's emotional type towards the female one and the second female).

I watched Robert De Niro's "The Intern" two days ago, and the old man didn't show much expression. I frowned when I saw the heroine's husband cheating, and grinned when I heard that the heroine made the right decision. I have my life experience but I will not rely on the old and sell the boss to reason. The calm and wise old man performed it so naturally. Facing the new and unfamiliar environment, his eyes are full of curiosity, but his face is confident and admirable. I hope I can become such a lovely old man in my seventies.

Is this the success of the character setting or the success of the actor's secondary creation through performance?

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