The loneliness that life cannot bear - Prosecutor Yong Eun Soo

Jeremy 2022-11-24 14:09:50

In fact, such a title should be given to Prosecutor Li Changjun, the fighter who made a great leap for his faith and patriotism, but he really likes the thin, small and lonely Yong Eun-soo, so I will write about Yong-jian first.

The only Korean drama that I finished before the Secret Forest was Signal. After a long delay, I felt that I would never come across a drama or character that could rub the hearts of the audience so hard. I recently watched this drama for Pei Doona and Uncle Cao. Unexpectedly, the one who hit my heart the most was the second girl who I always thought was born out of clichés, the one who was always careful and thought high when she appeared on the stage, who flattered Uncle Cao in all kinds of ways, and eavesdropped on all kinds of tricks. I also had some doubts, when did this seemingly vulgar female second enter my heart?

It was when she was strangled by Xu Dongzai.

Let's start from the beginning.

Throughout the episode, the number and variation of Yong Enxiu's costumes is the least, and the most common are dark-colored, slightly bulky overalls and flat shoes. (Even the clothing changes and colors of the clerks in the Yellow Inspection Office are better than those of Yong Enxiu. In addition, there are details in the drama. In the procuratorate, almost only Yong Enxiu is wearing flat shoes.) There have also been several capable and professional trench coats (roof dinners and pickup trucks) When I was a thief), twice at home, I was a rare warm white sweater when I was doing laundry, and a dark sweater at home before I died.

At this time, I couldn't help but imagine why a young and beautiful female prosecutor didn't dress up more, after all, she herself joked that I looked good in everything I wore. One is because life is not easy, she needs to support the whole family with one salary, and the other is because her mind is really not about dressing up. After all, what she cares most about is the vindication of her father.

This is essentially a show about faith and righteousness, but yes, my favorite Yong Eun show, from beginning to end, is the one that focuses the most on self-interest. Her biggest source of motivation is to restore her father's reputation. She licks her face and wants to enter the special inspection. This is how she interviews Park Wucheng late at night. , even if she took a risk to test Xu Dongzai, it was nothing more than to prove that Xu Jian was not the real murderer and wanted to point the finger at Li Changjun, who in her eyes killed his father.

So Huang Jian said to her that special inspection is not a place for you to avenge your personal revenge.

So until halfway through the episode, Yong Enxiu, in my eyes, is nothing more than a common and vulgar second female lead who promotes side plots and enriches the structure of the script.

Until she was almost strangled to death by Xu Dongzai, she felt relieved and patted the soil on her body like no one, so she hurriedly went to Huang Jian to ask for credit. She was unkempt and didn't ask to enter the house with licking her face as before, she simply finished her judgment and was ready to leave (of course, she had to borrow clothes later), in my opinion, it was the child who got full marks in the school exam and couldn't wait to give it to her. The parents are proud to see it, and feel the joy that they have accomplished a big thing, and even more joy that they can help Huang Jian. They don’t feel weak, they don’t feel wronged, and they don’t feel the pinch on their neck. What is the mark? At that moment, Yong Eunxiu in my eyes completely got rid of the label of the vulgar girl, and she directly hit the soft part of my heart.

Yong Eun Soo is the most ordinary you and me in reality. She is not a fighter like Chief Li, nor is she a fighter like Huang Shimu and Han Ruzhen. She has earned transportation expenses by herself since she was very young (the lines said, it is estimated that Lao Yong is honest and taught her to be self-reliant), but in life When preparing for the most important exam, his father was accused of taking bribes to step down, and even his boyfriend betrayed him overnight. It's hard to imagine the collapse of her world. In the dark years, she had to take care of her elderly parents, but she also passed the judicial examination and entered the western district inspection. She must have supported this weak girl all the way, and she was the only one who helped her father rehabilitate. Faith, so when the above was rejected, she cried out of control outside Chief Li's office. She felt that she could not get back everything she had lost, and she would never get it back.

What she lost was the colorful life that was supposed to be? Or the courage to continue living? That stigma that can never be taken off, and that, wishful and humble admiration.

From the moment I really understand her, from the moment I fully understand her, it doesn't matter anymore, it doesn't matter anymore, she will never be superfluous and annoying anymore, she has become the most pity for me in this drama A ray of moonlight, faintly emitting in the night sky, is her own brightness.

When Yongjian died, there was no sensational music, and there was not too much ink (in fact, there are a lot of depictions, and I don't think it is much compared to ordinary dramas), and her death did not reproduce the case, which must be edited by Li The brilliant, never too much tragic, neat and tidy points to the end, but it makes people feel a kind of huge sadness, and the portrayal of Huang Shimu and Li Changjun is also the same.

I made up for Yong Eun Soo's death on the spot, the thin and small Yong Jian, whose head was slammed back with force, and then wiped his neck neatly... When the blood spurted out from her neck, she should have been What kind of eyes, what kind of state of mind, are you praying to Huang Jian to save him?

No, Yong Enxiu is Gu Yong's newborn calf. He tries to please Huang Jian again and again to help investigate the case, but he is pushed away again and again, but he is posted again and again without caring. Almost all the people in the play concealed it from her for various reasons. Lao Yongjian concealed from her the secret of his resignation. It doesn't matter. Huang Shimu concealed all the details of the case from her, it doesn't matter, he will investigate by himself. The special inspection team, Xu Dongzai, Section Chief Yin... No one will satisfy her inquiries about the case, because compared with the major cases involving the entire country and the procuratorial system, Yong Enxiu's grievance and careful thought are completely's trivial.

So maybe the screenwriter is also sad for this kind of Yong Enxiu. She had a brilliant ending. She became a wound in everyone's heart and left with everyone's infinite regret, just as hesitant when she existed.

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