french comedy

Madisyn 2022-07-07 21:49:59

Maya is only as tall as Luke's thigh, and the little figure in uniform looks like a lonely villain in a popular painting. It's a pity that the current voice actors are not as dedicated as the previous translation team. The voice of a 5-year-old child is actually an old philistine, Only then did I find that the one I liked in the Queen's classroom was not the female lead, but the gifted child with straight black bangs and beautiful pupils.
French comedies are all about details, humor is more than sadness, and the most unexpected thing is the ending. Chinese movies will never have such euphemistic treatment.
Human nature is complex but the most simple. I like this kind of drama with real, simple scenes and characters, but I don't want to believe that in Paris at that time, the city was so clean and quiet, it was too lonely.

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