Brothers and sisters

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Typical French comedy. "Big Nose Lover" Gerard Depardieu starred alongside Pierre Richard.

Nuka, who has successfully robbed banks 14 times, was imprisoned five years ago due to the accidental failure of the 15th robbery. On this day, he was finally released after serving his sentence, but Dorov, the police officer who captured him, suddenly appeared and said "confidently", "You won't wash your hands with money, I will catch you, and then continue to be promoted. ."

However, Dorov lost his sight, and now Nuka really wants to integrate into the life of ordinary people. He sold the only fine gold and silver he had and went to the bank to open an account. There is no worst luck, only worse. Just over an hour after he was released from prison, Nuka encountered a robbery and was taken hostage by the gun-wielding fool Francois. Dorov, who came to hear the news, did not believe that the sullen and even stupid Francois would be the robber, and subjectively believed that Nuka was the real murderer.

Faced with dozens of ready-to-fire muzzles, Nuka, who could not explain himself, had no choice but to run away with François. But luck is really bad. On the way, the stupid Francois accidentally pulled the trigger and the bullet entered Nouka's thigh. Nuka persuaded Francois to surrender. Unexpectedly, the honest and loyal François of MS decided to push the crime to Nuka for only one reason - he had to take care of his 5-year-old sick daughter.

In desperation, Nuka prepares to let Francois go. Seeing Nocain's pained appearance, François firmly took him to the house of Martin, a friend of his father's. Listening to the siren from the street, Nuka endured the pain and let the fainted old veterinarian take out the bullet for himself. Francois, on the other hand, took back his daughter, Jana.

In the police station, Dorov has ruled out Nuka's crime. The fool, Francois, threatened to inform him and asked him to help him get a passport to abscond. François, who could not afford 50,000 francs, was detained at the gangster Radiff, because Radiff did not believe that the robber would be the sloppy fool in front of him.

At that time, Nuka, who was hiding in Dr. Martin's house, was accidentally discovered and recognized by a policeman who came to visit. He was about to escape, but he didn't expect that Yana followed her father's request to "take care of him". The exhausted Nuka passed out in the empty abandoned factory building. Yana came over and sat quietly beside him to guard. It was dark and cold, and she lay on his arm, curled up to sleep. When I woke up in the morning and saw Yana's Nuka, I felt a little pity.

Nuka drove the hijacked police car, rushed into the bar in Radiff and rescued François. He began to sympathize with the stupid poor François who loves women deeply. When they were about to part, Yana, who had not spoken for three years because of her mother's death, said "don't go". Francois was so excited that his eyes filled with tears, and Nuka, who had always been indifferent, was also moved by it. However, Nuka chose to leave.

Weirdly, the girl Yana quietly got out of the car while her father was not paying attention and walked on the road. Francois and Nuka found out one after another, and when they tried to chase after them, they encountered a lot of police. The two big men hiding in the bushes watched helplessly as Yana was taken away by the police.

Nuka persuaded Francois to surrender again, but failed, and the two broke up. Nouka started work similar to the 110 service, François wandering the streets. A few days later, Nuka, who visited the orphanage with a toy, found that Yana could not speak again, and refused to eat, and was weak. That night, when he was about to steal the child back, he saw Francois, who had come one step ahead, was clumsily smashing the lock.

Nouka took the François and his daughter to the empty house of his client, not only arranging for them to eat and live, but also to prepare them to flee abroad. After passing through numerous blockades, Nouka finally brought the Francois and his daughter to the French-Italian border. He said, "Let's go. I still want to live an ordinary life."

However, looking at the back of the stupid Francois who stumbled and stumbled with little Yana, Nuka was impulsive again. He caught up, held Xiao Yana with his left hand and François with his right arm, and said unnaturally: "I don't worry about you, this guy, I'll spend two days with you first, just two days, I still have a lot of things to do. What!" Francois smiled: "Yes, you are very busy." Yana also nodded seriously and said, "Yes," with a smile on the corner of her mouth.

No love, only family and friendship movies are equally touching. Bittersweet, humorous, and romantic, all blended together just right, as if these are the things French are born with. Makes the audience laugh and cry, and laugh in pain. What's more, there is also the "big nose lover" that must be watched - in "The Last Subway", he said "Helena, you are so beautiful, looking at you is a pain", "both joy and pain" Such a man with lines that I will never forget for more than ten years.

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