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You can't imagine what Pierce Brosnan looks like in poverty.

In fact, in Pierce Brosnan's 007, I have DVDs of every film, and I have watched each of them over and over N times, and every time I was not scolding, my teeth itch. Laopi's sin is not only handsome, but also BMW, Browning, Sophie Marceau, Harry Berry, etc., he has all what a man should have and should not have, a man should experience He also experienced what he shouldn't have experienced. The dreams of men all over the world are fulfilled and possessed by him alone.

So when I found out that Pierce Brosnan had become a painter and was out of a job, I couldn't help but laugh, a sinister kind of laugh! Like Wei Xiaobao.

My smile stopped quickly.

Fifty years ago, Irish law stipulated that when a family lost its normal source of income, family members were missing, such as parental divorce or the death of either one, minor children must be sent to church-run church schools. Literally, the law appears benevolent and seems to reflect the government's care for minor children. But in the church school, the experience of children who lost their parents' protection makes people feel so sad and helpless. When I was a child, I read a lot of villains, and we all know how cold, cruel and inhumane the grandmother of imperialism is.

Unfortunately, Desmond Doe, an out-of-work painter, was hit with this law. His daughter, Evelyn, and two sons were also subject to the law. Doe became more addicted to alcohol due to frequent drunkenness and unemployment, and his wife ran away from home due to poverty. As a result, Evelyn and her two younger brothers were forcibly sent to different mission schools by the government.

Desmond Doe was deeply stimulated by family changes, especially when he saw the nuns abusing his children, and he was determined to challenge the mighty Irish judicial and religious system to take back his children. With the help of lawyers and friends, Doe quit drinking and got back to work. And apply to government departments and courts to take back the children in accordance with the legal rules that can be followed. Desmond Doe's efforts have won the support of the public. Although the Ministry of Education and the court have successively invalidated the application, due to the pressure of public opinion, the case has been appealed to the Irish High Court for trial. Ultimately, the painter's love for his children changed the laws of this country. The High Court ruled that parents have custody, guardianship, and education rights over their minor children. According to this precedent, thousands of children in Ireland who were forcibly transferred to mission schools returned to their impoverished but most loving parents, including, of course, Desmond Doe's daughter Evelyn and her parents. two younger brothers.

this is a true story. Adapted into a movie called "Evelyn", who played Desmond Doe is the always suave Pierce Brosnan. I started playing with the idea of ​​seeing how 007 was down and out. But gradually, he was deeply moved by the unmistakable and tenacious love of a father for his children. As for Brosnan, I don't care. Starting a family is actually an easy task. The problem is that when the family is suddenly destroyed and in jeopardy, and your opponent is as powerful as the law, how do you make a choice, give up or fight? I really can't imagine that on my Li Yantai's head.

Movies don't really matter.

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