It turned out that half of the car was on the sidewalk.

Amelia 2022-07-07 19:55:04

A habitual criminal who just got out of prison wants to be a new man. When he goes to the pawn to get a check and go to the bank to open an account, he encounters a frustrated person who robs the bank. He is taken as a hostage. , and encountered such ridiculous things as getting a passport hacked, seeing an accident at a veterinarian, and so on. The daughter of the frustrated person is separated and sent to an orphanage. The frustrated person wrote a certificate to prove that the habitual offender was not a robber but a hostage, and the habitual offender was working normally. The money that the frustrated person grabbed fell into the veterinarian's house, and his daughter went to an orphanage. He could only hope for an opportunity to bring her daughter out. In the end, the repeat offender helped the disillusioned to leave France with his daughter across the border. Although the movie is a comedy, and the cars are all swaying and the brakes will sway badly, the characters are also straight, and the two people will faint when they collide. It's a simple black-and-white script, but it just makes people laugh, and that's how the wig looks like a woman who is frustrated at the end. But there is a bit of humbleness and compassion behind the comedy behavior of the little people, the part-time worker of the habitual offender, the frustrated vegetable market picking up the overnight food that no one wants, but the kind boss gave him something fresh and unsellable, the society is so real, but the camera is a little laughing The feeling of life, no matter how hard you are, you have a positive attitude and self-distraction while you are suffering. "I want to be quiet alone" has no special deep meaning, but it just makes you feel the same, and you can experience that point in your daily life by substituting it into that situation. It is a feeling that is easy to ignore, but it will become more unhappy when it accumulates, and it is also good to follow the character to relax occasionally.

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