true brother in adversity

Dejah 2022-07-07 22:53:36


French comedies are generally more nonsensical and surreal, with exaggerated facial expressions and funny body movements, such as "Escape from a Tiger's Mouth". The laughing point of this film is in the storyline, and it has achieved the highest level of comedy. The actors are serious and not smiling, and the audience is inexplicably giggling. French comedy is serious nonsense.

After five years in prison, the big man Luca swore that he would quit the robbery business. It is said that "a mountain is hard to change and hard to move", "a dog can't change and eat shit", so Sheriff Dollett did not believe that the habitual criminal who robbed 14 banks really changed his mind. The sheriff sent Luca to the gold shop, but Luca just went to sell his gold and silver jewelry, and the sheriff left disappointed. Luca went to the bank to open an account again. He didn't want to meet a robber to rob the bank, but he wanted to take him as a hostage. This time, the yellow mud fell into his crotch - not a thing (shit), but a thing (shit). Seeing Luca coming out of the bank door, Sheriff Dolet, who was waiting outside, didn't look like a hostage at first glance, and decided that Luca was cheating. There was a burst of guns, and the frightened Luca and the robbers were hiding in the Under the car, it seems that it is really hard to say.

The robber was a fake coward, panicked and lost his mind. Luca had no choice but to make the mistake of taking over the robber, drinking the police, and breaking out of the siege. Now that Luca committed the crime again, it was really a real hammer. The robber was not only cowardly, but also stupid, and accidentally wounded Luca in the thigh. The robber's name is Bino, and he has a daughter named Yana. Luca gradually fell in love with this smart, angel-like child. He probably saw that Luka was more capable than his father, and Yana was actually three years old. Then he spoke again, which made his father Bino cry with joy, and Luca was also deeply moved, so the two big men tossed around Yana's future several times. Under the escort of the police, they finally managed to escape from France.

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