007's warm play

Brice 2022-10-23 14:05:00

Pierce Brosnan is in the impression of most people as the 007 who is romantic, suave, intelligent and brave, or a flying thief who specializes in stealing precious works of art. persuasive. In "Evelyn" produced in 2002, he played a poor and single father who lost custody of his children. The strong affection between his three lovely children is very touching. However, his singing voice is really not flattering. The little girl Evelyn had a very exciting debate with the government lawyer in court. Such a smart and beautiful daughter is the pride of her father. During the judgment, the continuous five or six howevers of the presiding judge was really appetizing, and the old man who was a legal adviser who was a rugby player was about to have a heart attack, hehe.

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Evelyn quotes

  • Evelyn Doyle: Mummy's gone! She was all dressed up and she went away with a man in a car.

  • Desmond Doyle: I never laid a hand to her in anger once, though she gave me just cause for it. Maybe that's where I went wrong.