friendship and affection

Ray 2022-09-07 00:53:46

A long prison, let him wash his hands. His daughter's illness made him desperate.
When a novice robs a bank and takes a former habitual criminal as a hostage, this
farce full of warmth, sadness, hardship and laughter begins.
A quarter of an hour ago they had nothing to do with each other, and then they absconded for different purposes.
French-style black humour permeates the catastrophic plot. They understand each other
and even the rejection and anger in their hearts cannot stop the understanding and sympathy between them.
The escape of the brothers and sisters, in the seemingly rude and cruel behavior, makes people sad.
When there was no more room for them, they climbed the mountain and left France.
When the waves of doom gradually subsided, we had to face parting. Although it was not
the first time, this friendship was inseparable.

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