Brothers and sisters

Kamille 2022-08-21 04:31:47

Nuka (Gérard Depardieu), a robber who robbed banks many times in prison for 5 years, has been released after serving his sentence. Richard Pierre Richard) came to pick him up specially. Dorov didn't believe that Nuka could correct her evil spirits, but after Nuka was released, she wanted to change her past and be a good person. In order to survive the slave card, he sold his only gold and silver jewelry to open a bank account. Unexpectedly, he ran into Francois who was robbing him at gunpoint and took him as a hostage. At this time, Dorov led the police to also arrive. He did not believe that Francois, who looked like a fool, was a robber. He believed that Nuka was a robber. François accidentally knocked his pistol while driving to escape, hitting Noka in the thigh. Francois had to come to his father's old friend, veterinarian Martin's house to get bullets for Nuka, at this time Dorov also found out that it was Francois who robbed the bank. Francois, afraid of being caught by the police, asked Nuka to help him get a fake passport and fled abroad. François was extorted 50,000 francs for his passport by Nuka's friend Radiff. He was kidnapped because he could not hand it over. He was recognized by the police at Martin's Nuka and fled in a hurry. Then he rescued François, and what troubles will they have to go through next?

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