What is the breed name of this dog?

Angus 2022-03-21 08:01:03

The story is of course lame. But who seriously watches 007's plot for a cute dog?

Why can't the protagonist be a little more handsome? Although he needs to give way to the dog most of the time.

Danny Glove is not like the gorgeous and delicate in Sex and the City at all, but many eyebrows and eye movements are still the same, hehe, it seems that Charlotte is finally married and has 2 children. .

Of all the movies with animals as protagonists, this one isn't great. Although a new breed of dog was chosen (will it kill the sales of Huskies, who knows, a movie made the purebred Huskies in the world increase by more than 2K), but the personality of this sage dog is not Quite vague, but not as fun as that cobra, that hilarious orangutan. As the protagonist, its most martial arts is running. . . Of course, you will feel that being a human being is sometimes better than being a dog running on a sunny meadow.
Saw that dude running. . running. . At last. . A dog in a blue cape appeared and looked like a superman, so I had to laugh. Actually, I was thinking about that car of weird little animals! ! What a fun sideline that should be, but unfortunately it's useless.

Possibly because of Family Fillm, the plot focuses on how family problems can be perfectly solved through the eyes of a dog. Of course, you can also say that this is a very good mentally retarded idea.

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The Shaggy Dog quotes

  • Judge Claire Whittaker: One more outburst and I'm holding you in contempt.

    Dave Douglas: [barks] Silence! Quiet! WHOO!

    [covers up mouth with hands, pause]

    Dave Douglas: I think I could use a rrr-eee


    Judge Claire Whittaker: ReCESS! Ten minutes!

  • Josh Douglas: [to Tracy, about Dave] He is clueless, which in some ways is better.

    Dave Douglas: [as dog] OUCH!