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Blaze 2022-06-22 16:20:41

When I was running around in the street, I bought a DVD of a beautiful drama called The Closer, because I saw a gorgeous woman and a group of men in suits on the cover. I thought it was a harem drama and I wanted to have fun, so I bought it later. When I came back, I realized that it was about solving crimes -O-... and the heroine is not too young, and there are only 3 men who have an affair with her, one of them is bald, I only have her The subordinate black DD and the FBI prospective boyfriend are YY come and go.

As far as logical reasoning is concerned, the cases in this plot are relatively simple. I haven't seen CSI before - because I have high expectations, so I want to stabilize my emotions and watch it slowly - I think TC is a relatively common type in American dramas. Well, he probably didn't completely take himself as a crime-solving drama, but rather gave the heroine, a middle-aged woman who was parachuted to the Los Angeles Crime Squad as a vice-captain, a more personal charm. For example, although this woman is meticulous in observation, cunning in interrogation, calm when she sees a disgusting corpse, and her bald boss who is unrepentant in the face of subordinates' troubles, she also focuses on work, but on the other hand, she does not recognize the way when looking at the map She is good at organizing housework, has very limited taste and time for matching clothes, and is not good at dealing with emotional problems with men. On the one hand, she maintains respect for the work of the boss who deceived her, on the other hand, she still inevitably reveals women in her words. The characteristic contempt, willfulness and sarcasm.

Looking at it, I think this woman is quite cute.

For example, in one episode, she was caught in a dilemma. The suspect she wanted to bring to justice was an insider in the FBI's underworld, so even the FBI did not hesitate to testify on his behalf to escape the murder of a prostitute. charge. Because of this perjury, she quarreled with her prospective boyfriend of the FBI. The man said, you have to look at the big picture. She turned out the dead photos of the two prostitutes with a blank face to express her dissatisfaction and anger. Of course, in the end, she cleverly let the underworld know the identity of the informant, whose throat was cut in her own home by her family.

If the overall situation is the top priority, perhaps protecting this informant can make it easier to fight crime families and protect more people more broadly, but she still uses her own judgment to avenge the two tragic deaths of prostitutes.

I loved this episode because there was no question of who was right and who was wrong. What I like is precisely this so-called short-sighted behavior that only focuses on immediate interests, the willfulness, the persistence, and the seriousness that is devoted to one's own affairs. Those little selfishness, prudence, calculus, and cleverness who must achieve their own goals and maintain their own principles, I like them very much.

Because how to be a perfect woman, we all know very well. For example, you should dress appropriately, you should be kind to others, you should silently encourage men's careers and never mention their troubles at work, women should be good at housework, how happy and warm it is to praise soup for your husband, Women should learn to balance family and career (and often at the expense of their own ideas), and there is no happiness like the last so-called perfect family.

So what exactly is the perfect family? What is a perfect life? Could it be that a mother who can give birth to three children must be a happy woman, and a woman who is insulted as a bitch by a criminal or a colleague in solving a case is destined to be unhappy? Could it be that a woman who quits her job to be a housewife is a happy woman, and a woman who is divorced or never married because of her work must be unhappy? Shouldn't one's own happiness be judged by oneself? Some people like to marry their husbands and teach their children, and some like to work. This is not a matter of principle. The interesting thing about TC is that you look at this woman with a bit of trouble in her work and a little dizzy in her daily life. You still think that she has a very enjoyable life.

There is nothing wrong with being a lovely woman, a woman who thinks more about herself, and a woman who pays attention to her own interests and ideals

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  • Erling 2022-06-22 11:39:15

    The only American drama that has caught up to the sixth season and is still chasing, every character in the drama is a big love. A bit of a lunatic, a sweet tooth, a cat lover but never gender-neutral, a bit authoritarian and very petite, Brenda Leigh Johnson is simply too cute.

  • Adrienne 2022-06-22 14:25:53

    Brenda is so amazing

The Closer quotes

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: If you don't mind, Lieutenant, I like to have the answers before I ask questions.

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: Thank you, thank you so much.