Bubble life to shake gently

Casey 2022-06-26 12:13:38

The great painter Monet painted water lilies in his later years, presumably this plant is extremely common in France.

Small lotus pond, water lilies rippling on the water, quiet and lonely.

In Michel Gondry's "Bubble Life" (also translated "The Bubble of the Years"), Chloe, played by Audrey Tautou, got this water lily disease after marrying Colin.

A seed entered her lungs, grew slowly into an incurable large water lily, and finally went to heaven.

The dazzling skills of this film are also unparalleled, which can be imagined at will and at your fingertips, highlighting the boundless romance of France.

The dialogues in it are also wonderful, such as "There is dust everywhere, I am like a tongs", "Existentialism is a kind of rheumatism" and so on.

2014, 11, 16

Tan Zhen (played by Zheng Peipei), a mother who has lived in London for 30 years, lost her son Kai, and there was a story of reconciliation and dawdling between her son, the same-sex boyfriend Richard.

This is the first work of Vietnamese-Chinese director Xu Taifeng (2014). Richard wants to take good care of the old lady and finds a female translator, Miss Fan, to provide convenience for the conversation between Tan and Aaron, a foreigner living in a nursing home. The stubborn Tan ends up getting sick of old Aaron.

The bigger tangle lies in the knot between Tan and Richard, which is difficult or necessary.

Zheng Peipei's performance is well done. Overall, the film is gentle and unobtrusive, and the flashbacks are still delicate, but a little too superficial and lacks deep-level collisions. And as a debut, it's not bad.

2014, 11, 17

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  • Johnson 2022-06-26 09:26:57

    Lots of questions.....

  • Barton 2022-06-26 14:45:34

    Every minute is full of all kinds of moving whimsy, but the theme is a very realistic and cruel life love story, which is very uncomfortable to read. With Paul Sartre as the prototype, Sarbotte makes people lose their lives when they throw themselves into ideals, but the hero and heroine who throw themselves into life also lose their lives because of reality. Since you will lose your life no matter what you choose, let's sing a song on the cocktail piano and translate your last words into forty-seven languages.

Mood Indigo quotes

  • Colin: Introduce me to her!

    Isis: Yes, great! Chloé? This is Colin. Colin, Chloé.

    Chloé: Hello.

    Colin: Hello.

    Colin: Chloe... Ever been played by Duke Ellington?

  • Colin: I said that because "Chloé" is also a piece of Duke Ellington.

    Chloé: Duke Ellington, the famous racing driver!

    Colin: Of course. I feel very stupid. Can I please leave?

    Chloé: Can you please stay?