Sometimes it just happens when we realize how jerk we are.

Effie 2022-06-25 14:39:39

It takes something fucked-up to happen to us for us to realise how big we fucked up
"When I was ,like,15,all I wanted to do was get older,and now I am ,I can do anything I want.I can drink , vote , fuck, drive .I'm legally an adult.But I realised two things.
One, I would do anything to go get them years back .
Two, I never felt more alone. I've never felt more like a kid in my whole life. "

Some things are done and they are done, and many people are bearing the consequences of this. The one who lost his friend, the one who lost his son, the one who lost his father and husband, even the one who lost his freedom and lived in prison for 6 years. He was tortured in prison for his previous stupidity .I want to live a peaceful life after being released from prison, but can they let him go like this?
Maybe we really can't take a wrong step, otherwise, we really can't look back. The only thing we can think about is how to continue...

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  • Julia 2022-06-25 15:59:31

    What Yingying said - -~

  • Montana 2022-06-25 17:43:24

    When I was an adult, I realized two things: 1. I can give everything to turn back time 2. I've never been so lonely. When we were young, we longed to grow and let go of everything. Then we really grew up and longed to go back.

Adulthood quotes

  • Sam: And you. Try to get my own brother to kill me? Are you dizzy, blood?

  • Sam: Never mess with a man that aint got nothing to lose