The Lucky Ones - they couldn't be happier

Ambrose 2022-03-25 08:01:01

The soldiers who returned from the three battlefields were all suffering from physical and psychological pain to varying degrees. They met each other on the way back to China for vacation, and the three of them hit it off together and embarked on the journey home together. The movie uses the warmest atmosphere, the most sunny way, and the most positive attitude to express the feelings of the people towards the soldiers on the battlefield and the war, so that the whole movie has the warmth of bathing in the sun.

After returning from the battlefield, the haze in their hearts will inevitably dissipate. They may be gloomy, but they all have a heart as good as gold.

The lonely wife has long been accustomed to living alone and no longer needs a husband. Tim Burton, who returned home two years later, is regarded by his wife as a distant relative or even a stranger. After two years of separation, the original love has been condensed into helpless and dispensable courtesy. Even though Tim Burton is a charming person, he can seduce a married woman in a short time.

For TK, who is used to deceiving his fiancee, being injured and losing his sexual ability is an unspoken secret or even a disaster. He'd rather go to Las Vegas and find a prostitute for help than tell his fiancée and work it out together.

The female soldier with a thigh injury has only one goal in mind - to find the home of his comrade Randy and return Randy's guitar worth 20,000. The kind-hearted she finally decided to sell the guitar to help Tim Burton with his son's tuition.

What makes people memorable is that all the people's attitude towards the soldiers, they thanked the soldiers with sincere "Thank you", and gave them convenience and support. Tim interprets the situation on the battlefield and only hopes to survive on the battlefield, but his remarks have been ignored by the listeners - a negative attitude is the root of the failure of the war. People who have not experienced it will inevitably have simple and naive thoughts and attitudes. Only soldiers who have really fought on the battlefield will cherish life more and re-examine the helplessness of war.

They are all lucky, not only surviving on the battlefield, but also looking for and understanding the meaning of life during the journey back home, making a new decision to return to the battlefield, and continuing the battlefield contract, they looked at each other and smiled. Compared with the soldiers who were lost from the battlefield, lost their will, and slumped down, they couldn't be happier.

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  • Rowena 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    Recognized Tim Robbins at first sight. Rachel's best film so far. Favorite road movie!

  • Bennie 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    The only bright spot in the audience: i am going to reach the climax

The Lucky Ones quotes

  • [last lines]

    Colee Dunn: [the three meet up again while going back on active duty] Where you going?

    T.K. Poole: I'm going to Diyala. Where are you going?

    Colee Dunn: Anbar.

    Colee Dunn: [Colee looks to Cheaver] Where you going?

    Colee Dunn: Tikrit.

  • [Cheaver corrects a soldier at the hospital when looking at a list to be checked out]

    Fred Cheaver: Hey, here it is. Hey. 'Sergeant Fred Cheaver, 648th, Reserves'. Hello? It's right here.

    Soldier in Hospital: That's how you spell it?

    Fred Cheaver: With a 'C-H'? How else would you spell Cheaver?

    Soldier in Hospital: Probably lots of ways.

    Fred Cheaver: Not in English.