Only music can make me ecstatic

Tessie 2022-03-27 08:01:01

The beginning, not the end

At first, I saw this film out of boredom, so I began to review
"The High School Principal Conspiracy", the only thing I can think of is
whether it is a shootout film or a prank about the high school principal? Makes me a little confused
English Name:
But when I saw half of it, I found that the translation was really shocking. It turned out that it was not related to the principal
but was inextricably related to the president of the student union. The

plot did not particularly appeal to me, it was more of a chaotic scene
there . Life is like a real society, not the school
violence, pornography, assassination, behind-the-scenes, intricate interpersonal relationships, unbalanced friendships, impure love and other social problems
that are surging The simple way to describe these phenomena will make the audience feel uninspired,
so the wonderful comedy is obviously interspersed in it. The
most impressive thing for me is the clip about chewing gum, which makes people feel that it makes no sense.
Maybe in the campus at that time, The appearance of such a scene is also related to

music. It played and detonated a visual feast.

In a beautiful film, I think the auditory effect cannot be ignored.
When the visual died in an instant, I found that the auditory awakened all The
moment when the student council president shot the paintball into the new leader, the music sounded
so familiar, and it was so vivid in my memory that someone
was shot, at least for some reason, something we didn't want to reveal. The existence of the conspiracy is
just that the ego is very contradictory at this time, our resentment and helplessness have nowhere to vent
until the music starts, I know it is a silent defense

Everyone is running away in a hurry, maybe too many people are just afraid his own life
and some people are using these people's lives to earn wealth that others can't see.
When Bob arrives, he may not be able to save anything, and letting him go deep into the tiger's den
will bring a wave, This kind of music doesn't reverberate a few times
, but it always affects our activities at the moment of our resentment.

There's no life I've lived through here, it's an American culture, think of "American Pie,"
it's a culture bred in
when Francesca said at an alumni party, "No one can be misunderstood" at the
end When all the shady stories were exposed,
Bob also replied, "No one will be misunderstood."
Each of us can't make any excuses for our own faults,
because everything weaving will only make mistakes bigger and bigger. , the more you commit, the more

Bob thought it was true love, but in the eyes of others, it was ridiculous.
He never knew that he was being used by others.
When everything surfaced, he still calmly accepted

Bob Bo said, high school is prom, football game, boyfriends, girlfriends,
rich kid's party, happy, simple, healthy, but it's not
high school life, maybe it will be the most unhealthy four years of your life, not pure
high school at all Life is ugly. difficult. complicated.
Complicated to the point of partnering to murder the president of the student council,

everything will come to light, everything needs us to stand up,
everything will have a clear moment

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Extended Reading
  • Johann 2022-03-28 09:01:14

    A serious comedy, it is reminiscent of the "Secret of the Art School" that also became popular at the Sundance Film Festival. This association is very good.

  • Kathryn 2022-04-21 09:03:51

    From some perspectives, the heroine is a good movie, and others have no sense. In fact, it is still a campus theme of changing soup and not changing medicine. Bruce Willis looks out of place in it, feeling that he will take off his suit and go shirtless at any time.

Assassination of a High School President quotes

  • Sam Landis: Let me guess. You finally want to start that boy band you've been dreaming about.

    Principal Jared T. Kirkpatrick: Landis, do I come down to the strip club where you work and knock the dick out of your mouth? Against the wall. You're late.

  • Francesca Fachini: Nobody's misunderstood. That's just what people say when they don't like who they are.