goodbye soviet union

Enos 2022-03-23 08:01:03

I accidentally watched "The Ninth Commando", which is definitely a rare high-quality film in Russia in recent years. In the film, this company, together with other Soviet troops in Afghanistan, reproduced what kind of army the Tiger and Wolf Division of the Red Empire in Megatron was back then.

It's hard to imagine how much pressure our north was under back then, it's hard to imagine what it would be like for such a team to march south, and it's hard to imagine what else in the world could stop them back then.

The soul of an army and a nation is the spirit. At the end of the film, when the last soldiers charged with machine guns roaring and shot at the enemy, I seemed to see the Red Army, who sang a low song and took their guns to the German positions during the Moscow defense battle, and saw the Stalingrad army. Only the last few soldiers of the 92nd Infantry Brigade were still charging along the Volga during the bloody battle, and at that moment they were the most terrifying force in the world.

It is this kind of team that will still fight in a wild place like Afghanistan. I can't help but think of our arrogant troops. During the joint military exercise, the Russian officers said that our troops were incompetent, which seems to be true in comparison. .

At the end of the film, Steel Tooth monologues: "What we can't imagine is that the country we fought for disappeared after two years."

Goodbye to the Soviet Union, goodbye to the tiger and wolf division, I hope the soul will always be there and the spirit will not be lost.

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  • Lyutyy: We were leaving Afghanistan. We, the 9th company, we won our war. Back then we didn't know many things. We didn't know that, two years later, the country we had fought for would vanish. That wearing medals of a nonexistent country would become unfashionable.

  • [last lines]

    Lyutyy: We were leaving Afghanistan, the 9th Company. We... we won.