Crawford 2022-03-29 08:01:02

is stubborn and selfish, fickle and aloof. The character is surprisingly realistic, very much like someone like me.
He likes to be with dangerous people, even if he "knows that he will die at his hands one day"
, he is afraid to bear the consequences of his own willfulness. The
violent lover who is frightened and crawled away is disfigured and becomes vulnerable. Vulnerable friends disfigured and turned violent. Both are inferior to her because they are not good-looking.
So she went to dance at midnight and went home alone late at night.
When encountering an old lover, he panics and chooses the road. When he is caught up, he does not choose his words. When he hurts others, he must be soft-hearted. When his heart is soft, he will not help.
She is the devil in Sergey's eyes, the fairy who fell from the sky in Javier's eyes.

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