A niche movie with both form and spirit

Dessie 2022-02-04 08:22:17

I have to say that in the year I first watched this film, my direct perception was very dull because I was not stimulated by anything in the film to stimulate the hormonal changes in my body. The only thing that stands out is the close-up of Monet's paintings, so since then, the WeChat avatar has also been replaced by a woman with a parasol.
I am glad that I still have a little aesthetic ability. After watching it several times, I realized that the film's plot, the setting of the characters, and the expression of father's love are surprisingly consistent with what Monet's paintings want to express. Many people may disagree if they evaluate the film as a woman holding a parasol in the film industry, but I personally feel that this way of interpreting emotions in a film is quite comparable to the way painters express emotions in oil paintings. A superb "forger". However, because the carriers carried by the two methods are different, the natural fit is lacking. Starting from human nature itself, women and children can arouse some emotional resonance, and the main narrative line composed of adult men in the camera lens makes it inevitable that the film will be compromised in the audience's acceptance; however, if we can jump Get out of the film and the painting itself, and observe it from the perspective of the painter, the fathers in the film, and even the director and actors: for the painter, the kind of talent that devotes everything to the short-lived beauty of natural timeliness and the momentary self-emotion at that time The creation that is condensed and solidified into a pair of oil paintings; how similar is it to fathers, who are willing to do everything they can to satisfy their son's wishes, whether it is early release from prison, forgery or theft, etc. However, the final result was so bland and serene; therefore, in terms of the commercial market response, it was not so enthusiastic, which must be the result expected and wanted by the director and the actors, regardless of the respect for the original artist, In terms of respect for art and even the original respect for the father's love, there is no flaw at all; and these beautiful and timeless things have the cross-dimensional power that traverses time and space. . . . . . . .

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  • Mitchell 2022-03-20 09:03:10

    The love of father and son is touching

  • Jane 2022-03-18 09:01:10

    A fatherly love story.

The Forger quotes

  • Will Cutter: I just never see you guys hug, or say you love each other.

    Joseph Cutter: Yeah, well I don't do that. But he knows.

    Will Cutter: You sure?

    Joseph Cutter: I didn't tell your grandmother either. But she knew. Why? Because words don't mean shit in this world, Will. It's what a person does for you that counts.

  • Joseph Cutter: [toasting] Life is short, and things go wrong. May we always have enough.