An ad that is too rich to stop

Krista 2022-04-07 08:01:02

At first I thought it was the entrepreneurial story of two old men who successfully sold the company to Apple, but after watching the blood and tears of the West Coast hip-hop circle for three and a half hours, I was stunned to add dozens of new favorite songs and singers to NetEase Cloud Music.

Of course, after watching the advertisement for the last half hour, I still had the urge to buy a beats earphone.

Watching this film, it's hard not to think of another HBO documentary about Warren Buffett. Buffett and Bill Gates each wrote down the characteristics they admired on paper, all of which are "focus".

In fact, to sum up the routines of all success stories, there are a few points: 1. Know what you want; 2. Focus; 3. Think different; 4. Insist

Let’s encourage each other, young dreamers.

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Extended Reading
  • Melyna 2022-04-22 07:01:57

    This documentary is as stupid as "Out of Compton". Too many characters appear on the stage, and it is necessary to make up for the history of the black artillery to understand it a little bit. The photography and editing of this film is very good, but it feels unfocused, is it just to promote Beats. Eminem's true temperament, don't make stupid headphones, what we want to do is music.

  • Arne 2022-04-07 08:01:02

    The best editing in a documentary