The eldest daughter is going to drop out of school, and the second daughter and the younger son are both in early love, but these parents have given us the best educational demonstration

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There is a couple, both university professors, whose husband, Dr. McCord, specializes in theology and religion, and his wife, Isabella, who studies geopolitics and the history of warfare. They have three children, the eldest daughter is going to college, the second daughter is 15 years old, and the youngest son is 13 years old. The parents did exactly what they expected to raise three wonderful children who are confident, courageous, articulate and have independent selves.

So what? These three independent and confident children have made the following events to show their parents that they are different:

The eldest daughter suddenly came home from college one day and told her parents that she did not go to college and would drop out! And, the formalities have been completed!

As for the second daughter, falling in love, falling in love, and falling in love again. Broken the hearts of parents.

The younger son, a self-proclaimed anarchist, believes that all negative events in society are government conspiracies. Such a profound critical thinking at such a young age. And hates the new school, and his mother wants to inspire him to find three good or good things about the new school, and he blurts out: Three hot girls!

He was speechless at the time: what? Can this actually count as the "three" advantages?

Seeing this, did you laugh out of spite? Are you more balanced? Unexpectedly, Kochi and elite parents would also be faced with such an unbearable situation, one bear child is enough, let alone three of them!

Yep, that's what the parents thought too. They sometimes think: Oh my God, why do we have children? ! Then keep calm. Why so calm? Because----these parents are not ordinary people.

Her husband, Dr. McCord, served in the Marine Corps and worked for the CIA, specializing in dealing with dangerous Kochi religious figures. And his wife Isabella is even more powerful. She has worked in the CIA for more than ten years and is a senior intelligence analyst. It can be said that she has a very good understanding of the political ecology of the chaotic Middle East. His moral bottom line was challenged, so he applied to quit his career as a secret agent, transferred to a university as a professor, and lived an ordinary life.

However, because the former Secretary of State Marsh died in an accidental plane crash, Dalton, the former CIA director who was already the president, specially recruited Isabella, an old subordinate, and invited her to be Secretary of State for the following reasons: First, she has the ability and the The ability to break the conventional thinking and solve difficult problems, and the second is that she has never met someone who refuses to be promoted because her conscience is insufferable. She is the first one the president has encountered. So she has no ambition and will not threaten Dalton's position.

The president's request cannot be denied, but Beth (Isabella) seeks advice from her husband and children. Because it means that after she becomes a public figure, the whole family's life will be greatly affected and changed.

Children may also face moving house, school choice, new friends, and adjusting to ubiquitous security.

The eldest daughter mentioned that she had gone to college, she wanted enough private space, and hoped that her mother would try not to expose her to the media. The second daughter and the younger son thought it was a cool thing for my mother to be the Secretary of State, and they happily agreed.

However, the first problem was the eldest daughter. Although the mother who was the secretary of state never disclosed the information of the eldest daughter in the media, it was still spread among her classmates. People who liked her and people who didn't like her surrounded her. Complimenting her, fawning on her, and directly opposing her, no matter what her mother's opinions and remarks made on the news, those people pointed their anger at her.

The first-year girl who just entered the university was obviously unable to deal with all this. In addition, because the school had adopted an extreme policy, the eldest daughter was forced to take a stand. She was not only dissatisfied with the school's policy, but also had nowhere to vent her depression, so she joined. protested against the school.

The result was immediately reported by the reporters who got the news, and after the eldest daughter Stephen was reprimanded and criticized by the school, the anger caused by the pressure for a long time made the decision to drop out of school on the spur of the moment.

Back at the parents' side, my mother, even the well-informed Secretary of State, was a little impatient and said to her daughter: "Your decision is wrong. The daughter counterattacks: Mom, I'm an adult, I can decide for myself. My mother said: " Your cerebral cortex doesn't fully develop until you're 25, and that's where decisions are made in the brain. "It's quite professional, but my daughter obviously sneered, her eyes were rolling to the sky, and she couldn't hear it at all.

This time, it was the father's turn to persuade, and the daughter said what she said to her loving father: her mother was the secretary of state, which really caused trouble for her college life. When the family business of those classmates was affected by her mother's policy, they all attacked maliciously. She didn't understand that she wasn't her mother. So, since my mother can't resign, she is the only one who dropped out.

Sounds quite reasonable, doesn't it, is she really allowed to dump the blame and drop out of school?

After a quick discussion, the parents told their eldest daughter Stephen: Since you think that you are not suitable for college life, then we agree with you to take a year off from school. But you can't sit idle at home, you have to go out and work to earn money on your own.

The eldest daughter panicked: why don't you sympathize with me? I go to work? What kind of job can I get? etc! I plan to write full-time at home, and there is a novel I've been thinking about for a long time, and it's just the right time to write it.

My mother's face is very discerning: Of course, I can write novels, but I can write in my spare time. Chekov is also a doctor.

In short, your own decision, you have to bear the consequences.

The eldest daughter encountered many difficulties in finding a job. Without a university diploma, she could not find a decent job at all. She could only work in restaurants and other places.

After finally finding a welcome job in a steakhouse, and returning home disheartened, the parents exchanged glances immediately after knowing something unexpected, and gave their daughter a big hug and encouragement. Said to know that steakhouse, many celebrities have patronized, very good. The eldest daughter breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

Once, when the eldest daughter was found drunk in a bar, her mother severely criticized her and told her that she would be banned for two days and not allowed to go out except during working hours. The daughter resisted again, declaring that she was 18 years old and had the right to decide for herself. The mother made her daughter fail in one sentence. The mother said: Yes, so most adults choose not to live with their parents.

The daughter was instantly beaten back to her original state and confessed. Tell her mother that she went to the bar because she thought that her father was cheating and was in a bad mood. She coquettishly cried to her mother, saying that it was fortunate that her father had not cheated, otherwise it would be too scary. The fox-like mother hugged her and said, "I'm sorry, baby, for letting you go through this. But the grounding still has to be enforced.

Hahaha! A sturdy mother, there are clear boundaries that cannot be crossed.

For children's puppy love, they do...

Regarding the second daughter's puppy love, the parents are loose on the outside and tight on the inside. On the surface, they are very relaxed, but they are actually very nervous. They should pay attention to their daughter's mood at any time. When the daughter is happy, they are also happy. When the daughter expresses that she misses her boyfriend from the school and feels sad, they try to make her happy. However, once the daughter used her father's iPad and accidentally synchronized her mobile phone with the iPad, the father discovered the reason why his daughter's mood has improved recently.

The second daughter has a new relationship. The new boyfriend is the senior of the school's high school department and is 17 years old. They chatted through text messages for an afternoon. When the mother, who was exhausted by the endless troubles of state affairs, heard that her second daughter's new boyfriend was 17 years old, she was so frightened that her phone fell on the ground, and she was completely restless. Began to growl: "17 years old? In high school, does that mean he can already have sex? OMG!!!"

But the wise parents immediately began to reflect: Oh my gosh! What are we doing? Are we spying on our children? When did we become such parents? But we're here for her, right? wrong! If we insist that our previous education was effective, then we should trust our daughters to have a sense of what to do and what not to do, and where are the boundaries?

The infinitely entangled and frightened parents embraced each other, and the father said: Dear wife, if I press this button now, then we will no longer be able to grasp the dynamics of our daughter in the future, and it is too late to regret it now. Want me to press this key? Mom nodded firmly, and Dad pressed that button, aborting the synchronization of his daughter's phone.

And when the youngest son begins to fall in love, the parents present a textbook boy education.

The mother smiled and patted her son's shoulder and said, "Did you spray cologne?" What's her name, tell me now?

The son said: I basically think that girls with a score of 6 or above despise me, but my friends say that she has at least a score of 7 and a half. Mom said: Ha, is it popular to rate girls now? Give a suggestion, your cologne is too thick, and this has 11 points.

During dinner a few days later, the son said triumphantly that the girlfriend of the girl he was dating also went. This girlfriend is more beautiful and has at least 8 points, so he is likely to change his mind and date this girlfriend.

The parents immediately exchanged glances, and the father signaled: Let me do it! He patted his son on the shoulder: "Come and help me throw a garbage together." After the father and son walked out of the house, the father said to his son: Do you need any advice from me on a date? The son pretended to be old and said, "Dad, I understand."

Dad said: Well, I think you are very disrespectful to women. First of all, just rate the appearance of girls casually, talk about girls casually, just like scoring goods, if someone treats your two sisters like this, would you agree? Also, you clearly like a girl, but you change your mind when you see other prettier girls. How would you feel if someone did this to you?

If you really want me to give you advice, I only have one sentence: "You don't need to say too many jokes on a date, just listen to her carefully. If you don't believe it, you can ask your mother.

Son: "Really?! Thank you Dad, I know I was wrong."

It's warm, isn't it? If everyone taught their sons to respect girls like this, would the world have more happy families?

If you are not so sensitive to politics, just as a family light comedy and workplace drama, this drama has a lot of bright spots, how a woman who was parachuted into the workplace, how to be suppressed by her boss, has her own thoughts. Subordinates, who often want results and don't hesitate to throw the blame, use her meticulous thinking and observation skills in complex and thorny problems, often breaking the game unexpectedly and breaking the wall of thinking, the process of which is quite fascinating. of.

And her family, husband, children, life-work balance and communication skills will also teach us a lot.

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