Pay for being stupid

Thaddeus 2022-04-07 08:01:01

I haven't seen such an awesome movie for a long time. All the text below is stream of consciousness.

In any case, when it comes to profit-driven situations, people will always choose to believe in and "speak eloquently" to face others. In a collective environment like this, the result is often a lack of rule of law and rules, until it gradually becomes numb, and eventually leads to very bad results.

Let's look at each character in this movie, at the moment the character is in, everyone is subject to the situation at the time and their own embarrassment, and is forced or semi-forced to cater to a situation that "seems wrong".

From stealing things at the very beginning, to doing evil step by step, and then to a collective madness that everyone knows well.

At the beginning, the protagonist rescued another deserter who was starving and exhausted, and after they rested, they foraged around. After arriving at the barn, the comrade-in-arms held a stone and was ready to kill the farmer sleeping in the barn when the protagonist was stealing something; he threw the stone on the farmer's head. This stone hanging in the air is often like a steel scale for our judgment of good and evil in our hearts. Maybe we are just hungry and want to find something to eat, but if we are stealing food, we will end up like outside the barn. The fate of the corpse that was killed and hanged would most likely kill the killer himself. The one in the film was not able to be ruthless, and was stabbed to death with a rake by two other farmers who came to hear the news while fleeing in a hurry. And the protagonist is hurriedly fleeing, knocking down the farmer sleeping in the barn and hitting it on the stone pillar, slipping away by himself.

When faced with interests and disadvantages, people tend to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Under different circumstances, people tend to make various crazy actions.

Further to the later, the protagonist transformed himself into a captain, HauptMann, in German Mann means man, and Haupt means head. When our first man recruited the veteran Freytag from the very beginning, the attitudes of the two sides were ambiguous. Freytag needed someone to sign the pass document for his desertion behavior, and the captain also needed someone to help him build a hand-painted facade.

Arriving at the farmhouse, the captain and Freytag had just entered. Under the eyes of everyone, the bearded owner said to the captain bluntly: "No one recognizes the subdued brother now." (The war is coming to an end) But the captain is very smart and insightful. Human nature and very calm acting skills, put the interests of this group of rabble farmers on the other end of the scale of trusting the "Captain" role. Everyone immediately began to act stupid, not only paying tribute to the head of state, but also beginning to hope to get some benefits from the captain, who claimed to "help the farmers get back the lost benefits". After the captain sat down, he took out a pen and a small notebook to record which villager lost what. As soon as he came up, someone lied that his two horses had been lost, while the villagers beside him Said, "You don't have a horse at all."

Until Freytag went to the back kitchen to serve food, the bearded and fat boss was very distrustful and reluctantly "handed over" two plates to Freytag, who was hungry (three days without food). When Freytag brought it to the captain's table, he put it down casually, and immediately sat down to the side and devoured his share, while our first male captain said, "Then let's rest first." He put down the book and started Eating in the eyes of everyone, and a person with status like a captain, naturally has to perform all the tricks, even if he "doesn't know the taste of meat" for a long time, he still eats with a knife and fork in a graceful small mouth (compared to the beginning in the The appearance of the Jeep finding the apple is completely different). After all, life is like a drama, The Show Must Go On, right?

At the beginning, it also shows that people are always driven by interests, and the so-called right and wrong is that interests are temporarily insufficient to obscure the moral security (or sense of superiority) brought about by your judgment of the so-called "rules".

Then when they stayed at the pub, Freytag helped the head captain to undress, and the captain was just thinking about what to eat tomorrow, not thinking about doing anything further, and when Freytag was leaving, he also said: "Thank you." Basically, I want to express my gratitude to Freytag for cooperating with the performance. But in the evening, the bearded and fat owner of the tavern brought in a deserter and told the captain to rectify the law on the spot. At this time, after making a short psychological preparation, the captain took out a pistol and shot the deserter directly. Because the captain knew that if he showed any weakness, it would not just be himself, but probably just like the old man outside the barn.

In such a stronger environment, people's judgments of interests and interests are stronger and more clear, so the bottom line that can be crossed will be deeper, and now it is truly "killing without blinking an eye".

Then, in another farmhouse, they met another trio of three deserters. Among them, the leader actually saw at a glance that there was something strange about the captain on the front page, and the trousers on one side were not rolled up and were too long. But forced by the situation, it is also included. What is worth pondering about is their household registration pass. To a certain extent, those in power actually always have a right of identity permission for the lower-ranking people, and this is probably the case in our lives.

The granting and seizing of this kind of power requires the permission of the "superior", and the subordinates often acquiesce in order to obtain some small conveniences of their own, which also consolidates the power of the superior in disguise. In my personal opinion, if the legitimacy of the "superior" itself is doubtful and does not meet the demands of the majority, it is a dictatorship. Then the inferiors often become victims after getting a few "benefits".

After returning to the captain of the head man, the three deserters also accepted a set of ideology conveyed by the head man: "We are doing big things for the head of the state." So after their own passes were authorized, some kind of peace of mind and a few cups Drunk and drunk, he planned to follow the captain.

Then they met the anti-aircraft gun duo, and of course they were naturally included. When they encountered an enemy plane on the road after the collection, the captain also asked the two buddies to immediately take out their guns and shoot the plane as if they were acting as if they were obedient.

But the good times didn't last long. After the car ran out of gas, there was a scene of people pulling the car + anti-aircraft guns in the movie poster. And in the process, the head of the trio, the irritable brother, under such inhuman treatment, was unwilling to cooperate with the head man to perform, and the rope slammed and asked: "What the hell is this?!" and At the same time, another military and police truck drove over, and another fat captain was very fierce and asked the contemporary artists who were doing "people pulling carts + anti-aircraft guns" to quickly take out their passports to verify their identity. Unexpectedly, our male protagonist, Captain Head Male, responded calmly and calmly and said that he was under the highest instruction from the head of the Party Central Committee to investigate the situation behind the front line. So in the case that the fat captain didn't know the truth, he chose to believe it by default. I was really impressed by the acting skills of the head male captain.

Afterwards, the protagonist and his party met Sniper 98K, who was the first to chase down the head man in the title sequence. Sniper 98K looked at the head man in the car and said that his face was a little familiar, and he also forced himself to "never forget a face" ". Afterwards, a series of events in the No. 2 concentration camp were performed by everyone for what they wanted to do.

From gaining the trust of the deserter base at the beginning, to gradually passing the trust of the interests of all parties, and then to inspecting the deserter camp, Brother Grumpy took the initiative to ask Ying to make others surrender through violence. At this time, he couldn't stand it anymore, walked out of the deserter's camp, stood at the door and confronted Freytag who came out to question him, saying: "They are actually no different from dead."

I think this sentence is quite interesting, maybe from the perspective of social Darwinism, it is true. It is nothing more than competition and killing. It is a matter of life and death. Once you give up and lose power, you will only survive if you seek to survive through the rules set by the rule-makers. So "The Winner Takes it all".

After that, the brutal 30*3 phalanx collectively dug holes and lined up to be shot, oh, no, it was shot, anti-aircraft gun shot, it was really amazing. I have to mention that the crew's handling and grasp of the whole and details are excellent. Whether it is the overall set, lighting, lens, props, special effects... production, they are all of first-class quality. And quality control and self-requirements, manual likes.

By the way, when it comes to cannon, the anti-aircraft cannon is really immediately fried into meat sauce when it hits it, giving you the most authentic experience and sense of substitution. The protagonist seems to scream for a while, but suddenly montages everything, and it is normal cover again. The way the ears are covered is very interesting. Maybe it's just his heart that's screaming? But in fact, you have to maintain your own image, identity and status as it should be.

Here I can't help but want to mention it by the way: In fact, we are not actors most of the time in our lives? Faced with different people in different situations, with different performance and self-requirements, perhaps through continuous learning and practice, a certain degree of unification of the heart and "acting skills" can be achieved, but I still think that it is very important to understand the pros and cons. Under various fixed values, or various interpretations of values, it is also a life-long practice to flexibly adjust oneself to deal with it, so that one can achieve peace and better survival.

Then there are more absurdities that are out of control, and plots of pretending to be stupid by adjusting oneself in the face of stakeholders.

Whether it was after the deserter base was bombed, the head man captain's special team came to the city to do evil.

There is also a lot of fun, and because the irritable brother has a woman that the captain likes, he is stripped and shot (those who don’t know the current affairs, it’s dangerous)

(The woman who was raped by the irritable brother was still stunned after the irritable brother was dragged away, but after realizing the situation, she expressed her obedience to the captain's bare chest, which can be said to be very primitive and basic. .)

After that, I won't go into details here. The film has already been shot, and you can watch it yourself.

Until the end of the film, the first male captain slipped down from the third floor along the sheets very "SWAT" and escaped into the forest in the back garden of a large building. He found bones everywhere, and walked into the forest by himself, which may also be an expression of a certain It's a metaphor, so I feel: Well, very good. So I thought this was the end of the movie.

Unsurprisingly, the funniest part of the film is in the closing credits.

The crew had a lot of fun driving the armored sedan in the film onto the streets today, while the head captain, the fast court trial special team, still maintained the appearance at that time, and a car of people swaggered across the city in full view. (The male protagonist is really stylish with the windshield on his side, and the others also have a very impressive shape. I like the props, costumes and excellent production of the crew again.)

A group of thugs intimidated, looted and molested women on the street. Whether it's a performance or the truth, it also reflects the side, in the face of interests, we all tend to play stupid to get the effect of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. Such feigning idiocy, no matter from a small scale to a large scale, as long as it is not to fight for the dignity that a person deserves, but to act silly, more or less, sooner or later, everyone who acts silly will have to pay the bill.

If there is no order that belongs to the joint efforts of the majority to create and approve, and the order does not continuously serve the majority of the people, but serves the interests of some careerists and vested interests, the whole will be partially, more or more Pay less for acting stupid.

I think the current situation in our country, it seems...

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    3.5. The soundtrack is good, the ending is high-energy, and Nazi ghosts are still roaming the streets of Germany. It turned out that in the wartime concentration camps also pursued judicial independence, which is worthy of being a rigorous Germanic nation233. Demonstrating the extraordinary charisma and protagonist aura of the Wehrmacht, he adapts quickly and accurately to his new identity and unleashes a massacre with ease, which is probably the most chilling part of the war.

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    After watching the play "Fake Captain", it is necessary to say a few words about "Hollywood Ending". Acting, acting or pretending removes barriers to people's communication and at the same time builds a unified context. Just like the symbolic military uniform, it first provides a virtual space and then a specific identity. God is completely absent in this allegorical work, which is embroidered into uniforms of different ranks. The reason why Nazism is easy to revive is precisely because of the rationalization brought about by modernization. These symbols, which are well known to women and children, have created a walking context. Never has an era been so far away from the world we live in, yet so close to evil. . It is a pity that the concise and cold black and white did not purify the film, and the crime and punishment were all passed on to innocent people.

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