I will love you forever, but I can't let you live like me!

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Throughout the history of film, there are not a few movies with zombies as the theme, and there are countless shoddy ones. If this film is an ordinary zombie revenge-themed film, trying to gain audience recognition through the impact of blood plasma and killing on the screen, it is impossible to get such a score, which also drives the editor to take a look at the true content of this film. Take a look at what's great about this film. Some netizens commented on this film as a good movie from beginning to end. After watching this film, the editor also agrees with this point of view of netizens. On the whole, in 110 minutes, the film brings to the audience the richness of content, which is staggering. It is commendable that the richness of content does not bring chaos in the look and feel, but in the appropriate plot development arrangement. Next, the content is clearly regulated, which further increases the viewer's viewing experience. The twists and turns of the plot are not only a turning point in the development of the plot, but more like the hidden truth is gradually being revealed. At first glance, this film thought it was a war movie, but in the middle of watching it, I thought it was a traditional zombie film, and then I thought it was a film about killing and redemption, and then I thought it was a sci-fi film. At the end, it returned to a war film. The film even discussed the issue of racial discrimination and the good and evil of love in the plot, praised the beauty of friendship between brothers, and criticized the cruelty and despicability of war. Become an undead undead, is it lucky or not? After turning into an undead, the male protagonist indulged in the thrill of being resurrected from the dead, ignoring the laws of the world and turning a blind eye to his girlfriend's love. After his girlfriend, he didn't want to let his girlfriend become an undead body like himself, as if the undead spirits were a gift and a curse!

The gift after the brush of death,

Luck is filled with the blood of the curse,

Immortal spirits can live forever,

But eternal life is always accompanied by death and lamentation,

I love you till death,

But I can't,

Can't let you live like me!

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