Thanks for not destroying the original book, it is the British spy film in my heart, looking forward to the next one

Richard 2022-04-16 08:01:01

The original party is here! ! I watched the first movie in 13 years, and then made up for the English version of the original book (in the name of learning English) and then turned back to emmmm. The male protagonist of the movie is not bad, but the plot. . .

In 2020, I made another TV series like this (to tell the truth, a series with a lot of original books should be made into a TV series instead of a movie) (Additionally, this TV series is actually the second novel of the Alex Rider series, instead of the first)

The male lead is also good for me, the second Alex in my heart

First of all, let's talk about the satisfaction.

1⃣️I am very good at casting the male lead

The male protagonist really fits the image of Alex in my heart, because Alex described in the original book is very attractive (to put it bluntly, he is handsome). The image of the British boy 007, who is a bit rebellious and has a bit of black humor but is extremely sharp and witty.

Then there is his good friend Tom Harris. In the original book, he doesn't have many roles, but he is the kind of good friend who is in class and suddenly runs off to perform tasks, and can help you beat the teacher with the gangster. When I originally read the original book I didn't think about it at all, because in the original book, the male protagonist has an official BG super sweet, but it did not appear in the TV series, but why does it seem that the two are so in love in the TV series? Even the villain can see it, it really is a corrupt country film

too much love?

2⃣️The soundtrack is excellent

Reminds me of Kingsman, although I personally don't think Kingsman's British Secret Service films can't be surpassed, especially the series of long shots, plus the super-burning soundtrack, but the soundtrack in this show, I think it's all added. It's still very good, that kind of British style with a super rhythm, which makes people feel that they are not going to perform an assassination mission, but just wear a gentleman, tie a tie and a black umbrella to have a cup of coffee (?) I really really want to I know the name of the BGM in it. If there is a cute little girl who knows it, please let me know. Thank you

3⃣️ The plot has not been greatly changed, and no dog blood love line has been added.

Thank you and thank the screenwriter for not adding a love line, although there are ambiguous elements in the play, (I mean the girl who has a crush on Kyra of Point Blanc and the A in school, not Tom cute), but not the main line, very good, The original detective plot is still fully filmed

Of course, I also know that there are no girls in the whole show. Because in the original novel, the entire novel was written from the perspective of Alex. In the academy, he was also investigating the case alone, without the help of his companions (Alex is really amazing, the author is also amazing, you definitely don't have Alex as a spy The luck and the brain circuit, the nympho face.jpg) But the drama still needs to add supporting roles. I personally think that the role of Kyra James can still be added. I took the lonely mechanical girl.

Let's talk about the pitfalls

1⃣️There are some plots that are unnecessary and redundant

Although it's really good, the overall rhythm is relatively fast, but it still drags the original line with only the male protagonist. There is no MI6 in London to find the traitor to catch the traitor and find the traitor to die. The TV series changed it into multiple lines. Of course I can understand, but Jack shakes the secret out? Then he captured the male protagonist's good friend and finally came out unscathed. What's the point of this plot? Tom is really miserable, he has been almost killed twice because of A, A also let him doves not to accompany him to watch movies, Alex is a big pig's hoof (righteous!)

2⃣️The role of Jack is not very well changed

Jack is a very, very important figure in Alex's life, his family, his friends, his comfort and his reliance. (Really, a teenager about the same age as me has gone through so much, I really can't imagine, he didn't volunteer to be a spy, and was tricked by MI6 again and again. In the original book, there are shooting torture and so on. His only spirit is Relying on is Jack, and so on seems to reveal the age emmm). Originally, Jack was a young lady from the United States who came to study in the UK. Because she worked part-time in the male host's house to take care of Alex, it was considered a part-time job, and then she went to university. Later, she got her degree. She could have left, but soon after Alex's uncle died, Jack stayed. Down to serve as Alex's guardian. In fact, her passport has expired, and logically, she cannot stay in the UK, which has also become a bargaining chip for MI6 to coerce Alex to do things for them. I still can't see it in this part, but later he became a turning point in Alex's life. If there is a little cutie who wants to know, I may or will leak the secret in the comment area, but this is a very serious spoiler, [ After thinking about it, it is recommended to read the original work] Seriously. jpg

I said so much because I really like the character Jack, but I don't think it was shown in this show, although the overall feeling is OK (I'm very Buddhist), it's not because the actor is a black sister for the sake of. But I feel that there is no aura and humor of Jack, and Jack doesn't care enough for A, and Jack is very smart, she knows A's identity and will never talk about it, (When Jack told Alex to the traitor, I I just feel broken, sorry, the emmm added to this plot is too uncharacteristic and too bloody)

3⃣️The highlights of the original work are not prominent

The reason why Alex can become a successful spy is that his age should not be taken seriously, which also gave him a lot of opportunities. Being a spy is not an agent, and being a spy is a disguise that needs to be disguised. Gadgets (small parts, small accessories) This is also the most brilliant part of each step of the series. Maybe when you watch a show, you all ignore a character.

Smithers i love him

Smithers is MI6's technical director, plays high tech, and is one of my favorite characters in the series, he in the original novel, every step will give Alex some unique accessories to help him be better able to complete the espionage Tasks, such as an eraser that can be used as a USB, chewing gum that can blast doors, braces that can transmit signals (this is really god), and infinitely long shoelaces, a watch that can shoot poison needles, a game console that can record, Hearing aids that amplify the sound in the door and stuff like that ended up helping Alex a lot. In the play, he only gave Alex a normal mobile phone and a Walkman that could transmit information but was useless in the end, and I was blinded. What about the spy?

There is also a very good point in the original book is the action description. The reason why Alex is amazing is not only because he is young but also because he has been trained by his uncle since he was a child. He is a black belt in taekwondo and can also do judo. Anyway, as long as the opponent doesn't hold a gun or a knife, Alex's close combat is very powerful. With a knife and a gun, sometimes it can't compare to Alex's reflexes and speed. It was not reflected in the play at all. He overturned an MI6 agent with three strokes and two strokes. I also served it. Are all agents like this? Except for this scene, his speed, agility and close combat are never reflected. I am very capable, which is quite disappointing to me, but I still recommend that if you are interested, you can read the description of the action in the novel, which is very detailed and has a good sense of picture.

Well, I have finished what I want to say. As the original party, I am still very satisfied with such changes. I still look forward to the next step and the following series, because at least I think the original work is very interesting. The later tasks are even more unexpected. In the end, I will follow the original book alone. It should be very interesting if you can follow the original film well.

PS about Yasen and Alex's relationship and why Alex didn't die

Serious spoilers Serious spoilers! ! !

Yasen, I also like this character very much. He never makes mistakes and kills without blinking. He receives orders with soft hands, black hair, blue eyes, and a Russian accent. , the script has been changed a little bit, but it's not too bad I can still! ! Yasen belongs to one such organization, Scorpia, the most feared terrorist organization in the world. (The original book was later smashed into pieces by Alex, Alex bull?) Yasen and Alex's father are good friends, and the father of the male protagonist will take Arthur's life, Yasen is unwilling to kill Alex in his heart, he I owe Alex a favor to his dad. In the original book, he died for Alex and gave him a way to find his dad's footprints. proud face)

It's a good friend, Mosaic is Alex's father

PPS strongly recommends reading the original book, but I don't really understand, whether the Chinese version is still out of print in the mainland, I don't know. Because I was looking for the English version of the audiobook. I read the novel in the name of learning English. It turned out to be very helpful for English learning, and the story of this series is really interesting. Anyway, I can't guess the ending every time. , I just finished listening to a book one night, I was so shocked that I almost fell asleep. Am I exaggerating too much? All in all, I like this series very much, and I highly recommend everyone to read it. If you want to understand the storyline or have read the original book and feel that there are flaws in what I said, you can reply to me and communicate with me. If no one responds, I will be very uncomfortable. After all, this is the first time I wrote a movie and rated it as Love Power Generation. If you want to continue listening to the story, you can leave a message. Of course, I should not spoil too much, and it is purely based on English listening. There may still be errors. Oh, to add another point, this year seems to be the 20th anniversary of this series, I really admire this author, Alex is only one year older after 20 years.

This series is very popular abroad

I'm ready to review it, but when I saw the picture above, I realized that I still have 2 books I haven't finished reading.

Thank you for reading, this is my first time writing a movie review, Mengxin orz

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