What an inexplicable "horror" movie

Karl 2022-05-17 22:49:12

I watched it for CHACE, I searched for some information before watching it, this film has the title of a horror film, which is to my taste! But after watching it, it is a bit inexplicable, what kind of horror film is this

? It’s better to play psychological warfare, the pervert is just a little Japanese! There are only a handful of terrifying scenes from the beginning to the end, and at the end, I jumped TONE to be happy, and I didn’t get scared~

The plot is basically about the devil’s deal: the devil gives The life of a dying baby, but 18 years later this life will always be his own. There are two transactions clearly pointed out in the film, the same is that the human side who made the agreement has repented, the difference is the fate of the traded, one I was killed by my father, one was unsuccessfully killed, and finally became a member of the devil.

There are information/comments that this film is meant to satirize religion, probably! Anyway, I was a bit PUZZLE when I saw it at the end, as far as the film is concerned, I really don’t understand Whether to criticize fanatical beliefs or criticize the world's unbelief!

Of course, the plot of parents killing their children in the film is suspected of being anti-human, and intending to commit murder in a church is a serious crime. These understandings are reasonable to criticize religion; but in the end, the devil's spokesperson used extreme When the seductive tone depicts the beauty of the female one's future, the normal understanding is that it is a path of depravity, and the protagonist should be redeemed in the end~ As a result, after the female one stabbed herself several times without bleeding, she successfully joined the club, and even more so at the ENDING High-spirited to go to the next stop in life~ The brilliance shown here is consistent with the superficial happiness obtained from the devil as described in Christ, which seems to be ironic. Personally, I think the director is afraid of himself I didn’t know what to express!

Many of the plots in the film are very surreal, and I naturally think of End of Days when I watch it. I think the ending of EOD is easier to accept than the ending of EOD. Normal ethical logic ~


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