To seek death, but not to be afraid, is far above death!

Anastasia 2022-04-12 08:01:01

Basically, I have seen all the zombie movies, but this one I want to recommend is really innovative.
Throughout history, horror films have basically relied on death threats to bring fear to the audience. Whether it is creepy background music or ghosts, these are all threats that indicate that the characters in the play will face death. And this film is just the opposite, the horror lies in never dying and never resting! ! Pursue death rather than fear over death! This movie makes me think how lucky it is for human beings to have the right to die, and to get eternal rest and peace is a gift from God.
In addition, this film is very humorous, dark humor, and the ending is relatively flexible. It is an open ending. The panic of the film is not over, the tragedy of the protagonist is not over, and the imagination of the audience is not over. Really cool movie! It's a pity that the taste is too heavy. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television will not introduce it in 50 years. It can only be seen online. It is impossible to win at the box office in this situation, but the evaluation and word of mouth of the movie must be good~~

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The Revenant quotes

  • Joey: Bart... you gotta kill me. You gotta kill me, man...

    Bart: Kill you?

    Joey: I can't go through eternity talking with a fuckin' dildo on my throat.

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