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1 Noah's Ark and Abraham's test, Sodom's destruction. 2 Moses led the Israelites of Abraham's descendants out of Egypt by a miracle and obtained the Ten Commandments. 3 Forty years later Joshua captured Jericho. Samson rebels. Samuel the first King Saul. 4 He made David the shepherd a new king, killed Goliath, attacked Jerusalem and built a temple. 5 Babylon attacked Jerusalem, burned the temple and destroyed Judea. Cyrus the king of Persia killed Nebuchadnezzar, and Daniel fed the lion and Judea returned to the holy city. 6500 years later the Roman governor and the Jewish King Herod ruled Jerusalem. St. Joseph and Maria were miraculously conceived, and left Naserah for Bethlehem. Jesus was born in a manger, and the three kings of the East came to court. Saint John the disciple of Jesus, Saint Peter the fisherman, and Matthew the tax collector. 7 Jesus broke the Jewish Pharisees' monopoly on God's will to preach the gospel, to make the paralyzed stand up, and to heal the leper. In stoning, tell everyone that they are guilty. Makes walk on water and raises the dead. 8 Jesus came to Jerusalem. Let Caesar's to Caesar and God's to God. Look at this temple, there is not a single stone that will not be torn down in the future. The last supper is divided into flesh and blood. 9 Judas committed suicide, Peter denied Jesus three times, and Caiaphas killed by the sword. The Jewish crowd chose to free the murderer, but crucified Jesus. Wear a crown of thorns, be whipped, and walk the path of pain. Resurrected three days later. The 10 disciples continued their mission in Jesus name. Paul hunts Christians. St. Paul became blind and became a Christian. Christians set out from Jerusalem to become missionaries. St. Peter and St. Paul were murdered in Rome, their letters make up most of the New Testament, and St. John wrote the book of Revelation.

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    A test of loyalty? Or play with ants?

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    It’s okay if you don’t believe it, and it’s normal to not like it when you see something you don’t like. I am afraid that a person without any foundation of faith, facing a biblical painting, stands at a strange angle, holds a magnifying glass in his hand, and in the attitude of a theologian and erudite, points out the flaws on the canvas and makes various magnifications. interpretation. There are too many such people in this country.